Are You Saying “Sorry” More Often Than “You’re Welcome?”

“When we focus on money over mission, we risk losing both our customers and our talent.”— Misti Burmeister In my recent blog post, “Give Your Customers a Reason to Thank YOU,” I discussed how the little things we give or do for our customers translate into exceptional service, loyal customers, and bottom-line results. When we approach business with the spirit of giving, Read More >

Are You Waiting for Someone Else to Do Your Job?

“Leaders who provide clear feedback end up provoking greatness.”— Misti Burmeister When someone needs help, it’s easier to stay out of it, to mind your own business and not get involved. But is that the best thing to do? I recently found myself stuck in traffic at a stoplight. When the green light came and went, and there was no forward movement, I Read More >

Give Your Clients a Reason to Thank YOU

“When leaders show gratitude and generosity to their teams, the excitement trickles down to customers, and everybody wins.”— Misti Burmeister Each Thanksgiving, we kick off the holiday season considering what we have to be thankful for. For leaders, this is a great time to let customers and employees know how grateful you are for their awesomeness! It’s also a great time to consider Read More >

Not Worth My Time: Which Employees Deserve Your Attention?

“Become a committed, loyal, dedicated leader, and you’ll pull out the same qualities in your team.” — Misti Burmeister “My title is too big for this piddly crap,” said Paul, an executive in the education field. “It’s beneath me.” Paul sat across the short conference room table from me. He was frustrated with Tina, a woman he had promoted three weeks prior Read More >