Don’t Get Stressed—Get Inspired

“Sometimes the greatest gift we can offer others (our family, friends, teams and customers) is to invest our time and resources into developing our own abilities.”— Misti Burmeister While I keep hearing, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” I think the marketers have it confused. Summer – when it’s warm – is my favorite time of the year. But Read More >

The Ties That Bind: The No. 1 Way to Connect With Your Team and Customers

“Shared experiences, particularly those that are especially meaningful to us, create trust, teamwork and community.”— Misti Burmeister I’ve always wanted to serve food at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, but on the rare occasions I haven’t been traveling during the holidays, my local soup kitchen already had more volunteers than they needed. Knowing I would be out of town again this Read More >

Pancakes and Praise: The Key to Problem Solving

“If you know about a challenge and don’t share it, no one can help you discover solutions.”— Misti Burmeister After braving the Black Friday crowds, my three shopping partners and I stopped for breakfast at IHOP. Just before the hostess seated us, I noticed they were only seating people on the left side of the restaurant. Weird, I thought. It’s Black Friday. Read More >

Why Volunteers Quit

“Leaders, in both non-profits and for-profits, lose out when they fail to align assignments with the talents, interests, and needs of their teams.”— Misti Burmeister Soon after retirement, Bebe found herself bored and incredibly lonely. Seeking to “be with people,” she signed up to volunteer at a retirement home. On the morning she was scheduled to start, Bebe headed to the Read More >