Are You Tired of Repeating Yourself?

“Imagine if, rather than complaining about complacency, lack of collaboration, and lack of enthusiasm, leaders made an effort to consistently communicate their passion.” — Misti Burmeister Do you get tired of talking about your passions? About your vision, or the ultimate outcome you’re striving to achieve? If so, maybe you’ve lost the excitement that drew you to this work in the first place. Read More >

Why Customer Service Training Is a Joke

“Rather than waste money trying to fool your customers, why not take exceptional care of the people who interact with your customers?” — Misti Burmeister Most leaders know that customer service is key to retaining a solid customer base. In fact, companies spend billions of dollars every year on customer service training and advertisements meant to show how customers are their first concern. Problem Read More >

Why Most Rewards Don’t Work

“The most effective rewards, incentives or opportunities we can give to our employees are the ones they truly want.”— Misti Burmeister What’s the best way to reward an employee who has gone above and beyond? The short answer: It depends on the person. A quick Google search will give you tons of articles about how to incentivize and show appreciation to your team Read More >

Why Passionate Employees Quit

“To discover the values you represent, take time at the end of each day to ask yourself the following question: How did I spend my time today?”— Misti Burmeister Shaun Callahan is a passionate, music-loving “people person” with strong connections in Baltimore, Maryland. He is fun, creative, highly talented, and dedicated to excellence… always! After several years in corporate sales, he Read More >

How the Affordable Care Act Can Strengthen Your Business

“People want to be part of courageous companies. They want to follow leaders who are willing to show their cards and ask for help.”— Misti Burmeister With the start of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) looming, most business leaders are fretting about the financial impact of being forced to spend more on health care coverage for employees. If you’re a business Read More >