3 Reasons You’re Not Attracting Top-Notch Talent

“The key to attracting employees who are passionate, dedicated and insanely curious about what it takes to succeed is being as committed to their success as you want them to be to yours.”— Misti Burmeister When I first connected with Karen over email, I assumed she was a seasoned professional. Her communication was direct, focused and intentional. A few weeks later, Read More >

Why They’re Not Doing Their Jobs

“Relationships take time, but without that effort, you’ll never get the results you want.” — Misti Burmeister With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most of us have relationships on the brain. But consider this: Have you ever met a new love interest and immediately trusted and adored him or her so much that you would do anything that person asked? I’m Read More >

The Cure to Ending Gun Violence

“The science is clear – relationships are at the heart of happiness.” — Misti Burmeister What is the key to ending all the shootings that currently plague our country and have people living in fear? Is it restricted gun control? Probably not. Eliminating violent video games? Unlikely. Perhaps the opposite – no gun control and rewards for playing more games? Of Read More >