Do You Want To Be Provoked?

“Everyone wants to be provoked….They want to be told: you’re great.”— Misti Burmeister Over the past decade, I have interviewed or worked with some of the world’s greatest leaders. Here’s the number one belief they share: greatness exists inside of everyone. The question is: are they ready to see their own greatness? Are they ready to own it, and make great Read More >

Dying For Acknowledgment, Literally

Whether you’re in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street – in flip-flops or fancy attire – exhaustion diminishes dreams. In fact, it has even led to suicide for far too many. So, is banning junior bankers from the office at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse the answer to the problem? With our inability to let go of our phones Read More >

How to Get the Work Environment You Want

“Anyone in a leadership role can create a microcosm that allows people to flourish.”— Misti Burmeister Everyone wants to find a great workplace, but creating one can be just as rewarding, if you’re up for the task. I met Jeff at a networking event in Baltimore, Maryland. A seasoned and quite successful lawyer, he immediately responded to my “elevator pitch” with, Read More >

It is human nature to focus on the risks that are not common knowledge, not within our control, and are not well understood by the experts, as brilliantly noted by Morgan Housel in this article. In the vast majority of companies, the most common concerns about financial longevity are related to terms such as; strategy, profit & loss, risk management, Read More >

Why You’re Failing To Engage Me

Many studies, such as this one conducted by Deloitte, clearly demonstrate that employees are overwhelmed, and not engaged. Not engaged? Okay, I buy that. But overwhelmed? They’re underwhelmed, if anything. Sure, maybe they’re overwhelmed with tasks, but they’re vastly underwhelmed when it comes to the opportunity to contribute their talents, passion, and creativity. Have you ever unknowingly spent several hours Read More >

Failure and Bankruptcy Are Important Says Gates

With two-thirds of the companies in Silicon Valley doomed for failure, what’s the point? Why waste time focusing on developing a product that is probably going to fail? Why not just pick one that is destined for success, or simply get a job at well-established company? Being on the edge of innovation most assuredly requires a willingness to invest, and Read More >

Bill Gates Says Your Job Will Be Replaced By Robots

Does the fear of “Software Substitution” mentioned by Gates in this article posted by Business Insider today, have merit? Is it possible that your job could be replaced by a robot, especially if you’re in the accounting, telemarketing, or retail industry? I hope so! The more we manage to replace robotic jobs with robots, the greater our chances are of Read More >

Ban Bossy, Back Brilliance

Sheryl Sandberg’s commitment to banning the word “bossy” is powerful, insightful, and refreshing. In essence, she noticed that this word is causing young girls, and also women to avoid leadership roles. I mean, who wants to be called bossy? What if, in conjunction with “banning bossy” in school systems, we focused on backing brilliance in the workforce? This concept would Read More >

Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out by Marc Ecko

Welcome to the second installment of “Misti’s Clip Notes,” my new monthly book review. Marc Ecko’s Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out is technically a book about branding, but it’s far more about authenticity than anything else. Ecko shows how it’s not enough to simply brand a company. You must also understand that you are a brand and discover what Read More >