Should You Fear the Future?

“While fear is certainly a powerful motivator, it’s critical to have an empowering outlet for such energy.” — Misti Burmeister Are your employees excited about the future, or are they scared of the uncertainty? Do they collaborate well, or are they too busy competing for their jobs to make headway together? In companies or industries where the future is particularly uncertain, leaders with Read More >

Exclusive Interview with Wanda Alexis Alexander

How do you know you’re hiring the right person? Do they fit your culture, or will they be gone in a few short months? In an exclusive interview with Wanda Alexis Alexander, CEO and Founder of Horizon Consulting Inc, she shares her system for ensuring person/company fit. Here are a few of the other items Wanda addresses: Tips for discovering Read More >

How to Get Your Team to Play Nice

“Once team members realize they all want the same thing, they’ll be much more motivated to work together.” — Misti Burmeister Do your team members bicker and argue over resources or the best way to approach certain problems? Do they compete when they should be collaborating? Or stew quietly when they don’t get their way? Anytime a group of people work closely together, there Read More >

Is Workaholism a Real Disease?

“Taking the time to shut everything off and enjoy some peace and quiet is critical to your health, regardless of your industry.”— Misti Burmeister How is it that some people seem to get so much done, and somehow continue to look refreshed, centered, and happy? Are they doing yogo, mediation… drinking a bottle of red, or white wine? What gives? I want their Read More >

How to Do More, Without Doing More

“Sacrificing is different from compromising. Do not compromise.” — Misti Burmeister Do you consciously schedule your time? Do you give yourself time limits? Charlotte Jones, a fellow participant at a recent SOAR retreat, helped me remember why it’s important to be intentional with my schedule. Thirty minutes into the first day of our retreat, Charlotte arrived looking disheveled, exhausted, and annoyed. After Read More >

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski – Secrets To Success in Education

For nearly a decade, I have interviewed hundreds of leaders across the globe. I interview them because I’m insanely curious. I want to know their stories, rather than simply what the research tells us. Several of you have asked that I share these interviews, so that you can get the benefit of their answers to some of the worlds most pressing Read More >

How to Clone Yourself

“When you focus on the top three most important outcomes you are committed to achieving, saying “no” becomes a great deal easier.” — Misti Burmeister When was the last time you said “My weekend was too short!” or “I wish I had more time!”? You want to be successful – to do more, achieve more, go more places, talk to more people. Read More >

Why Your Degree Doesn’t Matter

It is no surprise to me that people are deeply confused about where they should put their time and attention to ensure a better future. Bill Gates suggests that your job will soon be replaced by robots. So, then, why bother getting that degree? It may very well be gone, and then what will you do with your hard-earned “skill?” Read More >