Do They Know You’re Watching?

Do you perform better when you know others are watching? Research shows the simple answer is “yes.” But how do you make this work to your advantage as a leader? A few days ago, while observing a Crossfit class at Arenal, I witnessed a great example of the motivational power of “watching.” Since it was a beautiful day, the group Read More >

Exclusive Interview with Maimah Karmo

How do you discover your purpose? Is it being revealed to you, but you simply cannot see it? If you could align your passion and purpose, how would you do it? In this interview with Maimah Karmo, CEO and Foundation for the Tigerlily Foundation, she shares her story from hospital bed (with stage 4 breast cancer) to being on Oprah, Read More >

Is Cheerleading a Waste of Time?

Positive workplace energy is contagious. All it takes is one person – no matter how high-level – to take the lead. And soon others start following in her enthusiastic wake. A close friend of mine, Dora, is an executive in the entertainment industry. Her office has its own kitchen – fully equipped with enough staff to feed roughly 200 engineers, Read More >

Why Should I Do Business with You?

Have you ever wondered why, despite your exceptional service, customers keep going to the competition? What gives? And more importantly, how do you get them to stay and refer others? Whether we’re talking about keeping talented employees or valuable clients, the answer is the same: Ask the right questions and then listen. If you don’t stop long enough to hear Read More >

How to Make Your Boss Cry

“Are you willing to ask the hard questions that might just help your boss, your team, or your colleagues achieve higher levels of greatness?”— Misti Burmeister Whether we’re talking about ex lovers or former employers, we all like to think we’ll be missed when we’re gone. Of course, we know there are plenty of other talented fish in the sea to Read More >

Exclusive Interview with Wayne Coffey

How do you develop trust on your team? How do you even know you have picked the right team members? How do you align your people with your vision? Are values even important? In this interview with Wayne Coffey, CEO and Founder of Coffey & Company, he shares his journey from wrangling cattle to harnessing talent. Through his story, you Read More >

Why Is Employee Engagement so Hard?

“Without a strong and compelling vision, it’s easy to get caught up in a “this is mine” mentality that blocks them from sharing resources and collaborating.”— Misti Burmeister Most leaders know that disengagement is brutal on the bottom line. In fact, “active disengagement” costs U.S. companies $450 to $550 billion each year, according to a recent Gallup poll. Considering most executives Read More >

Stop Managing Morale

“Rather than waste time managing morale, consider managing your own energy. Then watch as your team feeds off it.”— Misti Burmeister Change is an inevitable part of any growing business. But it also makes people nervous about how the outcomes will affect them. So how do you help your team embrace change rather than fear it? Simply check your energy. Because Read More >

Community! – Podcast

Employees crave community and the vast majority of companies lack it. It used to be that simply having a job was enough to keep people happy and engaged in their work. They found community elsewhere. Now, employees – across generations – are demanding purpose in their work, and leaders who will help them achieve excellence in their careers. If they Read More >

Make ‘Em Laugh: The Key to Helping Your Team Deal with Stress

“A little bit of humor can go a long way – especially when tension is high.”— Misti Burmeister Ever had to deal with stressed-out employees who clearly need more sleep, food, or maybe just some chocolate? Have you found an effective way to shift their spazzed-out energy? Some people are incredibly effective at releasing the pressure valve of worry, using invaluable Read More >