Does your team lack passion, motivation and unstoppable drive to reach excellence? Are you ready to watch them live to their potential, and bolster your on energy at the same time? Through this podcast you’ll learn the missing ingredient in 90% of leaders globally, according to Harvard Business Review. AND you’ll discover 5 simple steps to discovering becoming part of Read More >

Does Paying Your Dues Ever Pay Off?

“My customers (and leadership team) are not concerned with me – they’re concerned with the results I produce for them.”  — Misti Burmeister Mike Brannon, Vice President, Old Line Customer Meat Company, (parent company to Roseda Farm in Baltimore, Maryland) took hours out of his busy schedule to help me understand the farming business. Last week, Mike and I drove to Annapolis where we Read More >

Interns- Hindrance or Help?

 “The more effort you put into helping them succeed at your company, the more helpful they will be to your company.”— Misti Burmeister If you’re overworked and can’t afford to hire an assistant, an intern or two might seem like a good solution. You get some free or low-cost help and they get some valuable experience. But here’s the catch: Interns don’t always Read More >

Get Selfish or Risk Getting in the Way

“The clearer you are about the kinds of tasks you most enjoy, the more you’ll see – and seek – them.” — Misti Burmeister Simon Sinek, bestselling author of Start with Why, says, “If you don’t know people, you don’t know business.” I’ll take this idea to another level and say, “If you don’t know yourself, you don’t know people.” Several years ago, while Read More >

How to Leverage Irritation

“The key is to tap into your emotions. Emotion is literally energy-in-motion.” — Misti Burmeister During arecent “catch up” call with James, a long-time client, I asked about his greatest challenge. After sharing details of his “self-inflicted stress” of having to live with his family in an apartment while they have a new home built, he said, “I struggle with vision. I’m not interested Read More >

Was It A Shark?

Miss part 1 or 2 of this story? Click here to read it “It’s okay, I’m okay. Big fish – big water,” I said out loud to myself. As I started to calm, I got the courage to see if it was still there, and it was! Chanting ensued, until Yvette took her paddle, poked it downward, and discovered it was Read More >

Interview with Mark Goulston

Want to learn how to get through to anyone? Are you ready to improve your ability to communicate effectively? If you could get anyone to change a certain behavior, how would you do it? In this interview with Mark Goulston, bestselling author, world-renowned expert negotiator, he shares some incredibly valuable techniques on how to both give and receive feedback, and Read More >

I Was Amazed At What Happened Next

  Miss part 1 of this?  Click here to read it While I was prepared for my mom to throw a few bucks in the hat, I wasn’t ready for the result: $500 in 48 hours. Relief! The next day, in the pool with my new friend, Caroline, who I got to know after swimming into her lane several times Read More >

They Laughed When I Tried To Swim

Has anyone ever laughed at you when you’ve tried something new? When I got her text message at 930am, I laughed, as I remembered feeling as though I might drown just fifteen years before. Wanting to be the cool kid at nineteen, I went to get my lifeguard certification. As with most sports, I thought I could simply muscle my Read More >