The Ripple Effect of Rita

“Rather than focusing on how you can get more out of your people, consider helping them discover, grow and share all they have to offer.”— Misti Burmeister Several years ago, Rita, an executive for DuPont, sat in one of my leadership workshops and tactfully argued with me about the cause of generational conflict. I don’t even remember exactly what we disagreed Read More >

Why We Manipulate

“Too many people waste precious energy trying to manipulate others, rather than simply asking the right questions”.— Misti Burmeister She sat across the table from me, sharing about the improvements on her team since we last worked together. Darcie, a senior leader in the technology industry, had gotten complete buy-in across her whole organization for her new vision, and now the Read More >

Swim Across America

  We crave adventure, yet the vast majority of us refuse the call when it comes. No matter how smart, or brave we are, sometimes the opportunity that surfaces seems absurd. Yet, innovation and creativity require absurdity. In this podcast, I highlight a story of absurdity that has led to more breakthroughs and clarity than I could have ever imagined. Read More >

VOICE Lessons From a Mermaid

 “The stronger your VOICE – whether intentional or intuitive – the greater your chances for provoking greatness.”— Misti Burmeister I could regale you with another story of a savvy business leader who adopted the VOICE model and transformed her team and her business. But instead, I’m going to tell you how Annie the Mermaid gave me a sixty-minute VOICE lesson I’ll Read More >

Are Your Employees Watching on in Silent Disbelief?

“Employees become disinterested in the company, because the company is disinterested in them.” — Misti Burmeister It’s no surprise that hard working, loyal, creative team players work best for companies whose leadership has a strong and compelling VOICE. On the flip side are the companies whose VOICEs are meek and muted, and whose employees come and go unnoticed. At this company, success Read More >