What’s your Badge of Honor?

“What do I demonstrate pride in through my actions – both positive and negative?”— Misti Burmeister Wearing a badge of honor reflects pride. It serves as an acknowledgement that either you, or the community you’re a part of, has done something remarkable. But what do you do when the badge of honor you’re wearing isn’t so positive? And, how do you Read More >

How to Use Embarrassment to Your Advantage

 “People want to be provoked into their greatness. And when you hold them accountable, you help bring forth their greatness.”  — Misti Burmeister Have you ever made a promise to start a new behavior, or to put a stop to one you know is sabotaging you, only to be met with people who are happy to let you slide? In fact, they encourage the Read More >

7 Questions to Reveal What’s Truly Important to You

Often, what we say we value and what we act as though we value are two different  things. That’s why it’s important to gain clarity about what’s actually showing up. When you know where you are in the moment—what you’re acting as though you value—then you can make adjustments based on the values you want to exude. In this podcast you Read More >

Do you Have Olympians on Your Team?

“Instead of exploring the unique talents each employee has to offer, most look for – and find – shortcomings.” — Misti Burmeister Have you ever looked at someone and immediately recognized talent? There was something about the way they dressed, their sense of initiative, or the questions they asked that led you to think, “This is the kind of person I Read More >

Interview with Bestselling Author, Turn The Ship Around, David Marquet

After we launched our podcast “Culture” (ep8), we got a slew of positive emails requesting more on, “How do I fix my culture?”  Recently, I had the opportunity to interview David Marquet (Best-selling author of the book “Turn The Ship Around”) who shared many excellent, and specific, steps to take. His brilliance is noted within this podcast.  Through this podcast, Read More >

The Culture of Peeing

“Embarrassing situations are especially common when trying something new, a requirement inside any company interested in innovating.”— Misti Burmeister Whenever we try something new, we risk embarrassing ourselves. But accomplishing great things requires taking risks, and cultures that embrace failure are the ones where innovation and growth happens. Look how many Google products have come and gone. I learned this lesson Read More >

Clearly, That’s Your Responsibility

“Rather than waste time irritated with “supposed to” or “should,” why not spot your own buoy and keep yourself on track?”— Misti Burmeister How many times have you waited for someone you thought was responsible for your success, only to find out they were busy with their own? Or not equipped to help you? I’ve done it, and I can tell Read More >