5 Ways to Make Sure You’re Not Mediocre (Part 1)

  The holidays are a great time for reflection and preparation for the year to come. Many of us find ourselves asking questions like, “What went well, not so well, where can I improve, and what do I want to achieve in the New Year?” It’s both the perfect opportunity to recognize what you have to be grateful for, and Read More >

How To Know If You Are Supportive Or Toxic

What is it that causes some people to ignore your suggestions, even when you clearly have their best interest in mind? Better yet, how can you shift your language to get a better response from those you are trying to help? Minutes after expressing my interest in doing a half Ironman, Joleen, a woman who has completed three Ironman’s herself, Read More >

How to Keep Good People

Negative people drain the energy of your entire team, and they encourage good people, with positive energy to leave. No one wants to spend time with negative people. But how to you fuel the good energy, and let the negative ones shift accordingly? What is it that good people, with positive energy, look for within companies and leaders that they Read More >

Keep Quiet or Risk Offending Them!

Have you ever wanted someone on your team to change a behavior in order to make your job easier or better? You want to say something to them, but you don’t want to offend them. What do you do? While swimming at Meadowbrook Fitness Center a few days ago, a distraught lady pointed to another swimmer who was sharing her Read More >

How to keep your power

Why does one person see “passionate” while another sees “offensive,” or “disagreeable?” Why does one leader see problems while the other sees potential? Because everybody sees through the lens of their own unique experiences, challenges, and successes. Understanding this puts you in a position of power. When you agree that what you’re seeing is based on your perspective, you have Read More >

How to get them to care

Want to see an increase in energy and enthusiasm in folks on your team? Are you ready for the rewards of a highly accountable, determined, and committed team? In this podcast, I interviewed LN Lurie, my audio engineer, to give some insight into the key factors that cause 25,000 people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro every year. The interview is less Read More >