Getting out of Limbo Land (part 2!)

Ever keep an employee, even though you knew it was time to move on? They clearly violated your values, though they also brought vital skills to the table. As a result, you hold on to them, hoping they will change their ways. Such decisions are made out of fear (not trust), and keep you in Limbo Land, constantly draining your Read More >

Getting out of Limbo Land with Difficult Employees, Part 1

While many hiring managers do their best to hire talented people with the right attitude, mistakes happen and the wrong employees end up on the team. Even if the work they do is valuable (or even critical), these employees become a challenge that sets the foundation for mediocrity. They keep leaders in Limbo-Land, hoping behavior will change, even though these Read More >

Time-tested strategies for motivating your team by Tom Ziglar

In this exclusive interview, Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc., disclosures Ziglar’s time-tested formula for:   Getting your team to care, Inspiring excellence in others, Discovering your vision, Building trust, and Building and strengthening communities, and company cultures.   Throughout the interview, Tom also shares his own challenges with living in the shadow of his fathers work, and how he Read More >

Why They’re Not Doing Their Jobs (repost)

***NOTE: To celebrate our 1-year anniversary of podcasting, this is a re-post of our first episode!  Man, we’ve come a long way! Thank you for this journey and stay tuned for lots more this year. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most of us have relationships on the brain. But consider this: Have you ever met a new love interest Read More >

When is it OK to Fire Someone?

Sitting across the table from Jay, a CEO with one hundred employees, I listened as he talked about firing Geoff, a member of his leadership team who was hired just six months prior. What went wrong? “The people on his team don’t like him,” Jay said. “They don’t think he knows what he’s doing.” I asked him what Geoff needed Read More >