How To Keep Employees From Asking For a Raise

Want to keep your team motivated and focused on their work, without having to worry where to pull funds in order to pay them more? Shortly after a speech I delivered on “Provoking Greatness,” here in Baltimore, Maryland, I had a chance to grab coffee with a hustler. Hustlers are priceless in business. They are the ones who always show Read More >

3 Critical Questions To Ask Before Promoting Anyone Into Leadership

Some people hustle so well, and produce such exceptional results that a promotion to leadership is clearly in order. You bring them into your office, celebrate their success, eat some delicious cake, and award them with a team to lead.   Nearly a year later, you’re scratching your head, confused by their poor attitude, and irritated at their results, or Read More >

The #1 Key To Motivate People To Step Up Their Game

My hands shook as I opened the envelop from the University. Was a miracle about to happen, I wondered? Having gone from being in court as juvenile offender, to being on the court as an Olympic hopeful in shot put, discus, and powerlifting, I wondered if the later might score me an opportunity at an education. Sure, I could start Read More >

How To Make Sure They Pick You

Rich Fairbank, CEO and Founder of Capital One said, “There’s a direct correlation between the people who rise in my organization, and those who ask for feedback.” Just as a baby has to bump it’s head a few times (feedback) before s/he learns to walk, we all need to mess up before we get it right. The struggle for most Read More >

The Reason You’re Not Getting Picked

Not being picked for the opportunity is one thing. Not knowing why you weren’t picked is a whole other. Most people never stop to figure out why they weren’t picked, and yet that’s the one way to learn, and make adjustments, so you get the next opportunity. Of course, the other side to this challenge is the group of people Read More >

Why Success Can Cripple You

I’m in awe of Meghan Linsey, a woman’s whose talent is undeniable, and whose performance has landed her the opportunity to perform live on The Voice. It’s one thing to do a blind audition when you are brand new, but can you imagine what your nerves might be like if you had already opened for Blake Shelton years before? With Read More >

How Do You Get Them To Take Action On Your Feedback?

  Question from audience: How do you nurture a willingness to accept or seek feedback in others? And than get them to take action on it? The most important answer is much simpler than it is easy: Show me! Demonstration is key. By actively seeking out feedback, and taking action on it, you will naturally show them how seek out, Read More >

The Real Reason Women Aren’t Advancing in Leadership

  When I first started speaking and coaching (10 years ago this month!), the main thrust of my opportunities came from companies and leaders dealing with conflict between generations. Less than a year into this work, I began receiving requests to address, “Why seasoned women won’t help younger women.” This led me to reading a dozen or so books on Read More >