The Secret to Getting Really, Really Good at Something New

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to spend a whole week with my 11-year-old niece, Brooke. The day after she flew in from Colorado, we headed over to my gym here in Baltimore. It’s a Crossfit gym, so there’s lots of open area and rings that hang from the ceiling for things like “muscle up’s.” With a Read More >

How to Reinvent Yourself: Interview With Damian Mason

From political comedy to professional reinvention, Damian Mason is traveling the country providing practical steps for staying relevant in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace. Not only did I get a chance to watch his hysterical political comedy show at the National Speakers Association’s National Conference in DC, I also got to experience his breakout session on reinvention. His own personal story Read More >

The Key to Reaching Every Goal You Ever Set

Last week, I met this beautiful little girl—Hana—in the pool. She was practicing the breaststroke with her mom, one lane over. On my rest between sets, Hana told me she had just learned to swim eight weeks prior. “Show me what you’re working with,” I said. Enthusiastically, she pushed off the wall—right past her mom, who was finishing up her Read More >

Finding the Right Employee for an Immediate Hire Position

Remember Kristina from last Thursday’s blog post? Well, six months after sending her resume to a headhunter, Kristina had several interviews lined up. One company wishing to fill a key position brought her in for an interview with a few key people, and she received a letter from the CEO that same day, welcoming her on board. After thanking him Read More >

What Women Need to Know to Thrive in a Male-Dominated Industry: An Interview With Sheila Callahan

Without question, this is one of the most powerful interviews I’ve ever had the privilege of recording. Beyond being a National Account Manager at T. Rowe Price, Sheila Callahan is one of the most authentic, open, and curious people I’ve ever known. After hearing these stories—while we sat in a car together, and after a fruitful trip to a local Read More >

Why Your Employees Keep Quitting

It’s hard enough to find great employees. But to keep them? That’s even harder! Why is that? More importantly, how can you ensure you keep yours? After telling her boss, “I’m ripping you off! You pay me to do forty hours of work every week, and I’m not doing forty hours of work,” Kristina was ready for the new challenges Read More >