Come, Be a Part of this Historical Event

After watching the recent riots in Baltimore, I remember asking myself, “What can I do?” I considered participating in a march with a bunch of kids, but something didn’t feel right about that. Then I reached out to Edie Fraser, a mentor, and the most active person I know in politics, to ask how I can help Mayor Rawlings-Blake. Nothing Read More >

The Key to Engaging Stagnant Teams

A year ago, I went from having a mean doggy paddle to learning how to swim in fifteen weeks. Hip pain drove me to sign up for Swim Across America (SAA), and the excitement of my progress lead me to do the 3-mile open-water swim last September. Once the challenge was complete, I was happy to be done with the Read More >

The Secret Strategy for Increasing Your Success Rapidly: An Interview With Dan Poynter

Have you ever wondered how some people rise quickly, within their career, organization, or industry? Throughout this interview, Dan shares brilliant ideas and strategies for increasing your credibly, and attracting the exact opportunities you want. In his mid-70’s, Dan is still pushing himself to get outside his comfort zone, have new experiences, meet new people, and most importantly, share what Read More >

5 Concrete Steps to Reaching Your Potential

Walking through the double doors to the outdoor pool at Meadowbrook in Baltimore, I remember thinking, “Wow, that’s incredible,” as I watched a woman effortlessly swim laps in a 50-meter lane. At the time, I barely knew how to put on a swim cap, and desperately wanted to be able to swim 25 meters without having to stop constantly to Read More >

Great Leaders Ask For Help

Nobody reaches greatness by himself or herself, and nothing great is ever achieved in isolation. If we want to go for greatness, we must ask for the support we need. The best leaders on the planet understand that they need their team to reach their goals, and so they ask for help and provide the opportunity for others to step Read More >

5 Simple Steps to Bringing Out the Best in Others: An Interview With Stacy Allegro

Can you imagine being fired for initiative? Better yet, can you imagine firing an employee who consistently went above and beyond to serve your customer and reach your team goals? Of course not! Yet, this happens every day. And, it happened to Stacy. Not once, but 16 times in one summer. Remarkably, she now serves as an advisor to many Read More >

Get Your Team to Work Together, and Improve Performance: Misti Burmeister Interviewed on Aha Radio

Leaders want to be effective, and employees want to succeed, so why what gets in the way? Why do challenges like generational differences (and other differences) impede performance, wreck havoc on innovation, and cause unnecessary revenue loss? Better yet, what are the most effective leaders and companies doing to increase passion, performance, innovation, and collaboration? Throughout this interview, I share Read More >