Staying Relevant in a Highly Competitive Marketplace: An Interview with Dawnna St Louis

This was quite possibly the most fun interview I’ve done. Dawnna’s approach to innovation is refreshing and practical. Throughout the interview, Dawnna give’s practical steps for companies—large and small—to remain relevant, to innovate, and to do so within budget. The following are 4 areas of innovation are covered within the interview (listen in to get the details):     Routine.     Disruptive.     Radical. Read More >

How to Make Sure You Keep Advancing—Your Products, Your People, Your Career

Advancing, or getting different results than you’re currently getting, requires doing something different, which isn’t always comfortable. How many people do you know who keep doing the same things and hoping for different results? We’ve all done it. Why? Because it’s easier, and more comfortable, to do what you know. But we learn—and grow more effective—during periods of discomfort, which Read More >

3 Practical Strategies to Avoid Stagnation

Pam, a mentor cautioned me from the day I started doing this work nearly eleven years ago, “Misti, you’re going to need to expand on what you’re doing. You’ll get bored with speaking about generational differences at some point.” At the time, I thought she was crazy, and so I ignored her advice. Instead, I kept my head down in Read More >

The Truth About Leadership (Executive) Presence: An Interview With John Baldoni

I came across John Baldoni’s work through social media. His passion, knowledge, and first-hand experience with leadership is inspiring… and immediately useful. John is the author of more than a dozen books, including MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, Lead with Purpose, Lead Your Boss… and so many more. He’s an internationally recognized leadership educator, executive coach and Read More >

How I Won The Lottery

Imagine the power inherent in knowing how to cash in on the value of your life experiences. While I did buy a lottery ticket ($1.5 billion—who wouldn’t), the greatest winnings I’ve accumulated have little to do with paper (tickets or Benjamin’s). In reality, the odds are stacked heavily against the $1.5 billion Powerball winner. And unfortunately, no dollar amount can Read More >

Snow, Ice and Sliding

Cars don’t slide into ditches or crash into each other because of a few flakes of snow. But once snow and ice have accumulated, the conditions can quite literally cause a 15-car pileup. Words of encouragement work the same way. Some people have heard positive words of affirmation thousands of times throughout their lives – encouraging sentiments like “There’s nothing Read More >

Strategies for Dealing with the Energy Crisis in the American Workplace: An Interview With Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s

The first time I met Ari was through his book, Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 2; A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Being a Better Leader.  After underlining, circling, and writing all over the inside of his book, I couldn’t help but reach out and personally thank him for writing such an exceptional book. I wanted to hug him then, Read More >