Why Most People Never Decide To Go For Greatness

Saying you’ll start that certification someday isn’t the same as deciding to get the certification. Without a decision, talk cheapens you. It provides entirely too much room for letting yourself off the hook. It’s easy to say you’re going to read a book a month, write for an hour every day, take on a new project, or finish your degree. Read More >

Stepping Into Your Authenticity As a Leader: An Interview With Hans Finzel

Dr. Hans Finzel is the author of nine books, including his bestseller The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make (David C Cook) and his newest release The Power of Passion in Leadership. His books have been published in over twenty foreign languages. Hans is a mentor, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. He is host of “The Leadership Read More >

Why Women Shouldn’t Focus on Leadership: An Interview with Yvette Nash, Senior Producer, Video-Game Industry

“What’s the point of focusing on getting women into leadership roles?” Yvette asked in a conversation off line, prior to this interview. Knowing her generous, supportive nature, I was taken aback by her question. Doesn’t she know how important it is to see people like us in leadership positions? Having spent several years focused in the area of diversity, through Read More >

3 Key Factors To Success In Any Endeavor

“How did they do that?” we ask ourselves as we watch the Olympian finish the race, the teenager sell a multi-million dollar business, or the juggler throw sharp knives into the air, while balancing himself on a unicycle. How does anyone do anything of significance? (Significance defined: important to you.) “Misti,” my accountant said, “I’ve been trying to train for Read More >

Make Yourself Indispensible Through Powerful Connections: An Interview With Mark Scharenbroich

Fifty years from now I will still be repeating the messages I heard Mark Scharenbroich deliver from the platform in Washington, DC. Far beyond his ability to connect from the stage, Mark has worked with hundreds of leaders globally, teaching them the fundamental art of connecting. Throughout this podcast, Mark shared the top four questions leaders need to ask themselves Read More >

How To Get Better Results From Your Employees

Recently, I took my car in to get new brakes and rotors. After learning it would take two hours, I grabbed my computer and walked to a local coffee shop to work. Six hours later, as they were putting the last tire back on my car, a lug nut broke, and they had to call the parts shop down the Read More >

How to Keep Growing

In my last blog post, I provided practical steps for resurrecting your curiosity. Inflow and Outflow are two critical elements I discussed at the end of that post. To keep the inflow of ideas surging through you, follow your curiosity. And, remember that sharing what you’re learning is an excellent way to keep the full cycle in motion. When you Read More >