1 VERY Powerful Way I Overcame Adversity

How do you overcome adversity? Cultivating a mindset for success is a process that has more to do with letting simple successes energize you than taking giant steps into the unknown. In this motivational video, Misti Burmeister shares a powerful strategy for using #adversity as a way of #TransformingYourLife

7 Simple Steps To Landing The Opportunity You Really Want

You’ve had your eye on an awesome company. It’s known as a best place to work for its creative environment, industry leadership, advancement opportunity, pay or something else that is a priority for you. You begin to dream. There are a few jobs you know you can do, and one position in particular you’d love to land at this great Read More >

The Uses And Abuses Of The Law Of Reciprocity

Ever find yourself avoiding situations or people who do nice things for you? You want support, encouragement, valuable advice, or even a hug, but yet something inside of you knows that accepting it means you owe something. And so you avoid the people or experiences that leave you feeling indebted. It’s this discomfort that stops you from accepting the “free” Read More >

A Simple Strategy To Strengthen Your Confidence

In an effort to avoid looking self-centered, unfocused or unproductive, it’s easy to fall into the trap of exhausting yourself by doing what you think you should do. Said simply, —Sharing time with people you love, —Learning, —Taking a vacation, —Spending time in nature, —Getting the rest your body needs, —Exercising, —Snuggling your babies (including furry ones), —Budgeting and saving Read More >