Networking seems to be working for all generations. Networking allows them to share ideas. Baby Boomers and Seniors are finding the Internet a great source for networking and self-reinvention. These resources are gearing toward retirees and those facing retirement, offering avenues to create supplemental income as rising costs affect their savings.
The USA is now locked in the grip of an economic upheaval that promises to change the way we do business and live our lives. We recognize that many individuals who reach the age of 60 are not physically, mentally, or financially prepared to enjoy the so-called “Golden Years.” In order to meet the challenges facing us in these days of great uncertainty, we must take a critical look at how problems are approached and solved. Traditional methods just won’t cut it anymore. The time is NOW to literally re-invent the way we think and solve problems related to the ways we work and live. We call it “personal re-invention.”

The team is developing a program to help Boomers and Seniors create and implement Personal Re-Invention programs. The first step was to create Personal Re-Invention Guidelines. The next step will be to offer participation in Personal Re-Invention Programs. Those willing to engage in critical assessment and change of current mind-sets will be invited to participate in online forums focused on “personal re-invention.” Personal identity need not be revealed.

I invite you to check us out at And remember, we are evolving this web site. When we are ready, you can participate in “Personal Re-Invention.”

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.