Gearing For Greatness

Kevin Frick, Professor and Dean
Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business

Working with Misti Burmeister will be one of the best decisions you have ever made as a leader. She helped me integrate new behaviors and thought processes to bolster my overall leadership presence.

40 minutes of private one-on-one coaching
with Misti Burmeister

Whether you need help strengthening your leadership presence, setting specific goals for your team, or communicating your vision more effectively, spending 40 minutes with Misti by phone or Skype will Gear You for Greatness and set the foundation for your success.

To sign up, simply click the link button above or below, and than keep your eyes peeled for your Leadership (VOICE) Assessment and the online scheduling tool.

Objectives of the Gearing for Greatness may include:

  • Gaining renewed energy and enthusiasm
  • Developing a system for enhanced creativity and collaboration on your team
  • Choosing a direction that will result in measurably increased performance
  • Eliminating dysfunction and increasing positive communication
  • Planning a restructure of your team
  • Developing your strategy for employee engagement in today’s global marketplace
  • Getting your team inspired to step up, and drive results
  • Determining your “Why” for your business/career, and communicating it powerfully

katz_274x314Alvin Katz
CPA Chair/Co-Founder, Katz/Abosch

Misti’s approach and directness are what make her exceedingly valuable. She cut through the noise and got right to the heart of pushing me to focus and keep my eye on the ball.