How I Learned the Power to Provoke Potential, and Why I’m Dedicated to Sharing it

Like many, if not all of us, Misti always wanted to use her natural talents to contribute to her community. In her early years, she struggled greatly to see herself clearly, and simply didn’t know how to use her gifts for good.

It wasn’t until she heard these words spoken by her high school principal, Mr. Wiser—

“I think your daughter is quite normal, and I think she’s going to get along just fine here in our regular classes.”

These words came right after a solid thirty minutes of fully listening to Misti’s mother explain the many reasons she belonged special education classes.

“He’s the principle, and he heard it all,” she remembers thinking, “He must see something no one else can see. If he thinks I can do well in regular programs, then surely I can.”

Before she heard those words spoken by Mr. Wiser, Misti had little hope of graduating high school. College wasn’t even a consideration.

While Misti was far from a stellar student in high school, she did graduate. Then, she went on to complete a masters degree, two under graduate degrees, land a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, start a business, publish four (fifth is in progress) books, along with many, many other accomplishments.

One accomplishment she’s incredibly proud of is completing a five-mile open water swim, after just learning to swim four years before. Along with that goal, she has raised more than $20K to benefit Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Had it not been for Mr. Wiser’s belief and relentless support (along with a few other angels), Misti doesn’t know where she would be today.

Yes, belief is that powerful. And so is having a proven process for giving feedback that is guaranteed to provoke potential.

Have you ever struggled to get the folks on your team to step up into their potential?

You can clearly see that an increase in accountability and responsibility will give you freedom you need to do more of the work you enjoy, while increasing your impact and evolving as a leader.

Yet, your attempts always seem to fall on deaf ears. They keep barely showing up, and you keep picking up the pieces because your results matter to you.

It’s frustrating!

And, it’s the fuel behind Misti’s lifelong total emersion into learning how to effectively give (and receive) candid, compassionate feedback.

Leaders around the globe look to Misti when they need to boost productivity, increase profitability and spark change. Her proven process for providing candid, compassionate feedback is the perfect catalyst for employee breakthroughs.

Don’t miss a thing. Get the inside scoop on giving the kind of candid, compassionate feedback that provokes greatness here.

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Brene Brown, Seth Godin, Oprah Winfrey, Byron Katie, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Simon Sinek, Kristina Bouweiri, Marc LeBlanc, Dez Thornton, Nido Qubein, Mali Phonpadith, and many more. Their courage to take purposeful action is inspiring, and I’m grateful for their dedication to humility and greatness.

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