Top leadership trait to stretching beyond limits

A very special “Thank You” all of your for asking such awesome questions! You can submit yours here. Your question, answered: What is the one trait that leaders must have that challenges us to stretch beyond our own limits to do our very best? Most of us unknowingly surround ourselves with people just like us. Even those who think they Read More >

7 steps to Uncovering your Vision

A very special “Thank You” all of your for asking such awesome questions! You can submit yours here. Your question, answered: How do I craft and communicate a compelling vision?  First, what a great question—the three C’s make it even more fun! It never fails to amaze me how quickly leaders (people, in general) give up on discovering their vision. Read More >

Improve Your Chances of Getting Them to Hear/Listen

In a recent survey, I asked for your most pressing questions about giving and receiving critical feedback. The following are a few of the specific questions I seek to answer through this podcast: Which is more important – immediate feedback or feedback that is thought out and approached in a “softer” manner? Is feedback ALWAYS important? How do I give Read More >

Get People to Take Action NOW: Interview with Mark Goulston

This interview is filled with valuable insight for executives, those striving to be in a leadership position, and those ready to discover proven strategies for winning people over. Beyond a business advisor, speaker, and coach who honed his skills as an FBI/police hostage negotiation trainer, Mark Goulston is down to earth and shares practical strategies for: Using conversation deepeners to Read More >

No More Management, Mayor Rawlings-Blake, #Lead The Way

I’m not much of a political person. I vote, but I don’t follow politics, generally. That all changed for me as I inadvertently sat, stuck in my car, just blocks away from the riots on Monday, April 27th here in Baltimore. Having completely forgotten about the significance of this day for Freddi Gray and his family, I decided to cut Read More >

The Key to Receptivity When Getting Negative Feedback

    In a recent survey, I asked for your top two questions about influence and growth. As with most survey’s I’ve sent, receiving negative feedback was one of the top questions. Here was the specific question: How do I be receptive to getting constructive, but seemingly negative, feedback? Begin with the end in mind. Do you know what your Read More >

How To Keep Employees From Asking For a Raise

Want to keep your team motivated and focused on their work, without having to worry where to pull funds in order to pay them more? Shortly after a speech I delivered on “Provoking Greatness,” here in Baltimore, Maryland, I had a chance to grab coffee with a hustler. Hustlers are priceless in business. They are the ones who always show Read More >

3 Critical Questions To Ask Before Promoting Anyone Into Leadership

Some people hustle so well, and produce such exceptional results that a promotion to leadership is clearly in order. You bring them into your office, celebrate their success, eat some delicious cake, and award them with a team to lead.   Nearly a year later, you’re scratching your head, confused by their poor attitude, and irritated at their results, or Read More >

How To Make Sure They Pick You

Rich Fairbank, CEO and Founder of Capital One said, “There’s a direct correlation between the people who rise in my organization, and those who ask for feedback.” Just as a baby has to bump it’s head a few times (feedback) before s/he learns to walk, we all need to mess up before we get it right. The struggle for most Read More >