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Author of #1 Amazon and Washington Post best-seller From Boomers To Bloggers: Success Strategies Across Generations and the newly released Provoking Greatness: Unleashing Hidden Potential.

First American selected for the Peter Drucker International Essay contest

Women Who Mean Business: 2008 Rising Star Award, Washington Business Journal

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After quitting her job at 23, with $37 to her name and $1000 rent payment coming due, Misti Burmeister took to the pavement (literally… interviewing 150 people in 6 months) in search of the following answer:

  • What kind of work environments encourage enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to the greater good?

Basically, she wanted to figure out why she struggled after leaving college, and ended up running smack into the research on generational differences.

Inspired by her discovery that people of all generations want to be of service through their work, and achieve remarkable results, Misti quickly became one of the most highly sought after experts in the area of employee engagement.

Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping leaders find and strengthen their V.O.I.C.E., improving communication, collaboration, and commitment.

Misti’s efforts have inspired dozens of leaders around the globe.

  • “Through our work with Misti, we increased productivity by 20-30% and eliminated generational conflict.” – Xavier, Executive.
  • “In less than 6 weeks, we shifted employees away from negative water cooler conversations, onto purposeful action in their work.” – Renee, COO.
  • “In just 9 months, Misti helped us eliminate our turnover of highly valuable employees.” – Ken, Captain.
  • “In just one conversation, I learned the steps I need to take in order to eliminate complacency and get my team recommitted.” – Hilary, COO.

Misti creates these results by facilitating honest conversations, helping leaders identify and eliminate barriers/fears, and clarify their vision.

Misti also serves on the board for MissionFit, a non-profit dedicated to creating a safe space for at-risk youth to discover their greatness through weightlifting and community.

She is committed to the Swim Across America mission, where she overcame many fears to achieve her ultimate goal of swimming 3 miles and raising $3K in 2014. Read more about that story here. In September 2015, Misti is dedicated to reaching 5&5.

Misti lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She loves having meaningful conversations, thrift store shopping, being outside, and dark chocolate.

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