“Misti never ceases to amaze me with her super talent of getting business people, many of them strangers no less, to open up and communicate about difficult issues, and then follow-up with innovative solution ideas that really stretch creative abilities.  This expertise is ideal for addressing culture and values challenges between buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisition (M&A) transactions, and is why I refer her to my DiliVer clients with confidence.”


 Neil Kleinberg

Founder & CEO DiliVer



You don’t want to just be a good manager… you’re ready to become exceptional. You are a progressive leader who appreciates being challenged and want to get the best out of your team. You’re ready to release yourself from the day-to-day grind so that you can build new opportunities and enjoy new challenges. 

You’re frustrated with people problems, growth in your career, and a lack of focus/clear progress. You don’t understand how you (or your team) are getting in your own way… you want a fresh perspective.


Your job as a leader is to look toward the future with your team and imagine possibility. This means that you see what’s possible when your team successfully collaborates, innovates, and remains focused/dedicated. You’ve seen how self-limiting beliefs can block employees from stepping up and reaching for their potential… and you know the powerful impact one leader can make on an entire community through powerful conversations with one employee. You want to help your team members to thrive… to reach beyond what they ever thought was possible. 

I work with a small number of leaders who are ready to work on the one area that has the greatest bottom line impact: themselves and the way they interact with their team. 

You may be a good fit for coaching if you:

  • Are forward thinking and driven to create better results on the people side of leadership.
  • Want a courageous team that’s willing to challenge the status quo in order to ensure the best results.
  • Are ready to instigate critical change through honest conversations.
  • You are motivated to do the work necessary to increase your impact/influence.
  • You are purpose driven, appreciate being challenged, and want to create more autonomy for yourself. 

If you answered, “YES” to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place. 

This coaching is not for you if… 

  • You like the idea of growth, but are too comfortable with status quo.
  • You don’t like discomfort.
  • You are comfortable with status quo.

The Coaching Program

During the coaching program, we will work together to identify goals and objectives for you and your team. We will look closely at your vision for your career, the people problems your team is facing, and the beliefs that may be limiting you and your team. Coaching is fully customized to your needs, and begins with clear objectives established by you

The program will help you: 

  • Motivate your team with greater ease.
  • Reduce negativity among your team, and inspire engagement.
  • Gain clarity of direction.
  • Inspire new ideas.
  • Bring to bare unconscious beliefs that may be sabotaging your success.
  • Balance delegating tasks with ensuring good results.
  • Clear up conflict in a timing and productive manor.
  • Keep progressing, developing, and growing into your career vision.
  • Attract and keep top-notch team members who care about the results they deliver. 

The focus will be on the goals and objectives you establish as most pressing over the next 90 days. I will also be teaching you skills and offering resources to aid in your growth.

How It Works

More than a coach, Misti is a partner, helping to strengthen your confidence, courage, and consistency. Having a knowledgeable partner who is invested in your success gives you a unique edge, as it has for so many others.

 Get Your Gearing For Greatness, introductory session today!

The Gearing For Greatness Package includes:

  • 90 min introductory coaching session via Zoom (valued at $750)
  • A copy of Provoking Greatness ($25)
  • Follow-up emails with action items after the session ($150)

Total value: $925

Your investment: $449