Don’t Hire Confident People


“When we believe in our employees and create a culture that fosters their success, we attract employees who are confident and capable.” – Misti Burmeister

“If he had self-confidence, he wouldn’t be working for me,” JW said, referring to an employee whose results haven’t been up to par.

Curious, I asked, “What would happen if your employee did have strong self-esteem?”

“He’d be running his own business,” JW responded.

“So, let me make sure I’m hearing you correctly. You believethat quality people, with strong self-esteem, don’t want to work for anyone?”

When JW confirmed that I had, in fact, heard him correctly, I gave him a few examples of world-class business leaders who work for other people. For instance, Vint Cerf, a man recognized as one of the founders of the Internet, is now employed by Google.

JW had no response for that.

“What would happen if your belief about your employees shifted?” I asked. “What if you began seeing your office as a space where highly talented, self-confident professionals come together to share and develop their gifts?”

When we believe in our employees and create a culture that fosters their success, we attract employees who are confident and capable. And isn’t that exactly who we all want working for us?

Of course, beliefs can take time to shift. But if you are ready to experience a whole new level of dedication, commitment, and top-level performance from your team, get ready to begin believing differently right now.

Believe your people are capable, and hold them accountable to high standards. The confident, competent ones will rise to the surface and take your business to the next level. Others may go find another environment that allows them to play small. Wish them well, and then go back to playing big!

Join the Conversation: Would you want to work in an environment that promoted low or high self-confidence?

Keeping it simple,

Misti Burmeister, best-selling author of From Boomers to Bloggers: Success Strategies Across GenerationsHidden Heroes and Power Suck.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Hire Confident People

  1. Wendy

    “Hold them accountable to high standards”. This is a difficult task while at the same time fostering a sense of belief and empowerment in employees.
    I would love to read more about this fine line between “support” and “accountability”
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Misti Burmeister

    What a great question! What’s the fine line between providing support and holding people accountable?

    Let’s first define “high standards” – A clearly defined set of expectations (these should correlate to the vision), which elicit excellence in performance.

    When “standards” are clearly defined, co-created (people support that which they help to create), and inspiring, people will go out of their way to achieve greatness

    In this case, “support” comes in the form of eliminating barriers, providing training, and consistently reinforcing the greater vision.

    Many leaders who struggle with support and accountability are unclear as to the greater outcome their businesses are generating. They are unsure about (and some simply don’t care to know) what’s at stake in their business. That is to say that if their business no longer existed, something very important (to them) would be left undone. On the flip side, when the vision is achieved, something remarkable and inspiring shifts in the world (their world).

    Many leaders think that a vision related to “shareholder value” – or, “to make more money” – is sufficient. AND – it is! That is, if making money is the only goal.

    For those who wish to Provoke Greatness, money is used as a tool to achieve something GREAT.

    Thank you for asking, Wendy!

  3. Wendy

    Well defined, Thank you for a clear and concise delineation. Requires work on the part of the leader, but the rewards are limitless.
    Really enjoyed this post!


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