Wash Post Q: Was Desiree Rogers too interested in the spotlight to be successful as White House social secretary? Do some jobs require more discretion and less acclaim? Will Julianna Smoot be more suitable for the job — or just less flashy in it?

Change is difficult. So too is keeping a laser-like focus on the vision for our country, or any organization for that matter.

Just as Dennis Rodman`s self-centered behaviors alienated other players and shifted the focus off the team, Rogers` insistence on self promotion ultimately took the focus off the greater vision of country and Obama knew it.

Even people like Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and Maya Angelou must keep their eye on the greater vision of their popularity. If the sole purpose of their popularity was to “look good” or “be known,” I doubt any of them would have achieved such incredible acclaim.

Being in the spotlight is one thing — being in the spotlight with real purpose is another. Whether Smoot enjoys the spotlight or not, she has and will likely continue to gain attention. She was chosen because of her ability to remain focused on the larger vision for our country. While the light will shine on Smoot, I believe she is well poised to direct the attention to the right conversation.

On another note, I must admit my distaste for the attention brought to clothing with the women involved in this story. What does it matter whether Rogers` gown overshadows anyone`s choice of clothing? It`s this kind of dialogue that perpetuates the pettiness between women.

Let`s keep our focus on the greater cause here: the success of America.

Misti Burmeister, Washington Post best-selling author of From Boomers to Bloggers

Link: https://views.washingtonpost.com/on-success/panelists/misti_burmeister/2010/03/focus_focus_focus.html