In my last blog post, I provided practical steps for resurrecting your curiosity. Inflow and Outflow are two critical elements I discussed at the end of that post.

To keep the inflow of ideas surging through you, follow your curiosity. And, remember that sharing what you’re learning is an excellent way to keep the full cycle in motion. When you share (outflow), you learn (inflow). It’s the reason I write blogs like this, coach, and speak.

Since we know that what gets measured, gets managed, be sure to go back to step two every day. Track your inflow and outflow by filling in the following in your journal every day:

  • Learning: (Take note of what you learned about yourself, or from your environment.)
  • Contribution: (Take note of how you contributed to the world around you.)
  • Action: (Take note of the actions you will take as a result of what you’re learning.)

Do this every day, and before you know it, you’ll not only be relevant, but happy.