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Every single day we are faced with the task of influencing others. It could be as simple as dealing successfully with complacent employees. It might be getting young and seasoned professionals to collaborate. It might even be something as frustrating as finding and keeping good people with positive energy.

And every single day, you face opposition. You might even see the potential in your employees, but struggle with getting them to reach it. You might even opt to coerce or manipulate them into doing what they should want to do. But this mentality will cost you countless hours and dollars in the long run.

There’s a better way. A much better way that creates both immediate increase in performance, positive energy, and collaboration, along with long-term commitment to results. Helping employees make decisions that are not only in your best interest, but in alignment with their skills, passion, and long-term career vision, is where you’ll find the best results.

Doing this effectively, consistently, and predictably, however, takes provocation.
Provokers — whether CEOs, entrepreneurs, or managers — seem to have a knack for getting others to live to their potential, in a way that is beneficial to everyone. And, these natural leaders consistently push people out of their comfort zone, causing them to step into their greatness.

And, while, for some it might be natural, for most of us it’s a set of learned skills. Fortunately, they are both simple to learn and apply.
In this chat, Misti Burmeister, best-known for her Washington Post bestseller, From Boomers To Bloggers shows us how to take our ability to provoke greatness to a whole new level utilizing her:
Five Principles To Provoking Greatness through your VOICE:

  • Visualize the outcome you’re committed to
  • Own your outcomes
  • Intend to see greatness
  • Community is gold
  • Energize your day

Technical know-how is a critical foundation for most leadership positions. They put you in the game – give you a chance at leadership. But those who have mastered the art of provocation are looked to as role models and heroes because they consistently increase the strength of their own VOICE.

Their bottom line results continue to soar, their health improves, and they have more fun… all because they consistently strive to provoke greatness, inside themselves and other. Become a provoker, and get these results!

Suggested Interview Questions

  • The title of your book is interesting Provoking Greatness. What does that mean? Are you saying that people want to be provoked?
  • You say that provoking is exactly whats needed to get these needy/self-absorbed young professionals to get to work… how does that work?
  • We hear the word “greatness” used a lot – what does it mean?
  • Can’t a boss or employer just order their employees to do what they want? After all, if it’s not done they can fire them and get someone else?
  • What is your opinion on provoking out of fear and provoking out of love/kindness? what’s the difference between the two?
  • You claim there’s a big difference between motivation and manipulation. Is there really though?
  • Vulnerability. The underlying foundation of your book requires it… and you seem to put a lot of emphasis on the importance of vulnerability in provoking greatness. Why is it SO important?
  • You say that motivation requires tapping into their agenda, but shouldn’t their agenda be to work hard?
  • You talk about the importance of a strong and compelling VOICE to provoke greatness. What does that mean?
  • Your web address is Measurable greatness – you can measure greatness? How?
  • Let’s discuss the individual components of VOICE: Vision: Have a strong and compelling one. Why is vision so important, and what exactly is a vision?
  • Ownership: Recognizing that they are behaving in accordance with your thoughts, beliefs and actions. What if I work hard and a few folks on my team don’t?
  • Intention: To achieve greatness – on purpose – you must be intentional. What does that mean?
  • Community: A strong sense of connection to colleagues and the vision cause people to want to stay engaged. How do you create such communities?
  • Energy: preserve yours by provoking them, celebrating failure, and laughing a lot! Whats the number one reason leaders are exhausted all the time?
  • You say that there is one question you can ask that will ensure long-term commitment. What is it?
  • Here’s one that practically everyone will want to know about. One of the most difficult things we as human beings have to do sometimes is give (and receive) critical feedback. That can be difficult though. Why is that, and how do we overcome it?
  • You tell a powerful story about your high school English teacher, Ms. Cays. Would you share that with us?
  • How can our listeners learn more about where to find your books?

Misti’s Introduction

One person, with encouraging (or discouraging), words can literally cause someone to change their life, for better or worse.

It happens on accident all the time. But can you intentionally cause another to do remarkable things with their lives?

Our guest says, “Absolutely!”
Misti Burmeister is an award-wining author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She works with executives and teams ranging in size from 50 to 150 – helping them energize their team, increase collaboration, and strengthen their culture.
Although for years she was best known for her book From Boomers To Bloggers, over the past few years she has provoking greatness causing professional—across generations—to want to collaborate, work hard, and achieve excellence.

Misti is an advocate, supporter and defender of the life (greatness) that exists inside every person, believing that the amount of dedication, passion, and persistence a leader creates is directly proportional to his or her commitment to greatness. She is also a passionate supporter of the organic and sustainably grown food market. Her simple belief: mind, body, and spirit are connected, and we must do what we can to strengthen each one.

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