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“Those with VOICE provoke greatness” – Misti Burmeister


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Finding it difficult to motivate your team? Want them to care as much as you do about their results? Struggling with complacency, negativity, and lack of collaboration?

Nearly every leader wants a team of highly productive, team players, who care about their work. And, the very nature of leadership begs constant improvement. But where to you begin, how do you measure it, and how do you ensure consistent progress?

After more than a decade of research on leaders who provoke greatness, clear themes emerged; they have a strong and compelling VOICE. Using the VOICE model, I will give you the information and tools needed provoke measurable greatness, in yourself and others.


V: Vision

What does your “end zone” look like for your team? How do you know you’ve reached success? Also, ask yourself: am I seeing problems or potential in my team? If you want to provoke their greatness, give them a reason to rise, and remain focused on their potential, rather than their problems.

O: Ownership

Do you see yourself as 100% responsible for the results you, and your team, are getting? If you want to provoke greatness, ask yourself, “how can I shift my behaviors and words to get the results I want?” People respond best to leaders who will do everything within their power to get
the job done.

I: Intentions

Are you intentional with your words and actions? Do you intend to attract the right team and give them an environment where they can thrive? Do you look for opportunities to provoke their potential? If you want to provoke greatness, get intentional.

C: Community

Connection is at the heart of community. Do the people on your team care about each other, and the success of the company? Do you intentionally create opportunities for them to get to know each other, help each other, struggle, and celebrate together? Such communities are the fertile ground for greatness to emerge.

E: Energy

Energy is infectious. Do you take care to ensure yours is having a positive impact on your team? Do you model healthy behaviors around food, exercise, continuous learning, and spirituality? If you want a commitment of passion, persistence and unstoppable drive, check your energy.

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Get 3 Practical Tips for Building a Motivated Team