Why Limiting Praise Diminishes Trust

Last week, we addressed the reason you don’t get compliments and what to do about it. This week, let’s take a deep dive on why leaders (often unknowingly) avoid praising their team, and consequently miss out on the opportunity to strengthen trust, engagement and productivity. Said simply, leaders avoid praising their team because of a faulty belief—praising others signals weakness Read More >

Is Advancing in Your Career Really That Simple?

There are tons of articles out there that discuss advancing your career—about seven million, to be exact. It shouldn’t be surprising to see why it’s a confusing topic. While there is no magic bullet, simple strategies can be taken to land the opportunities you want. As I enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Stacey, a talented leader in the tech industry, Read More >

7 Simple Ways To Say “Thank You” To Your Team

The following are 7 simple ways to say Thank You to your team this year, and all throughout 2016: Pause, and write your list of the specific qualities you’re authentically grateful for in each team member. Are they excellent with excel, public speaking, or maybe negotiating? Rather than simply say, “I appreciate you, or Thank you,” get specific. Gift cards Read More >

3 Simple Ways To Increase Employee Loyalty

Ever met an impatient employee, who wants to “do meaningful work?” Or, “Work they enjoy doing?” What did you do with them? The CEO at the first company I worked for responded to my pleas with, “Misti, what did your parents do to deal with you? It’s clear you have problems with anxiety. Do you take medication for that?” It Read More >

The Thing About Praise

“Would you consider giving the very thing most of us want more of – a few kind words and recognition for our successes?” – Misti Burmeister A little praise can go a long way towards motivating employees. In fact, according to a recent Forbes article, companies that effectively appreciate employees and make them feel valued, receive “a return on equity & assets more Read More >