What Bare Trees Can Teach Us About Vulnerability

Until recently, bare trees in the midst of winter had always conjured up feelings of vulnerability. Without leaves to serve as a protective barrier, it’s entirely too easy to see and be seen. Such seeing is both welcome and appreciated during joyous times. Painful times, on the other hand, are rarely welcome with such openness, leaving you grasping for strategies Read More >

Getting Them To Want Your Stuff

People who want your stuff—want your stuff. You don’t have to force the gift that is you. The right people come and the wrong ones go. Your job is to focus on the ones who stay, even after you risked the possibility of rejection on the deepest level. Reject who I was pretending to be? No problem. Reject, or avoid Read More >

The Real Reason Women Aren’t Advancing in Leadership

  When I first started speaking and coaching (10 years ago this month!), the main thrust of my opportunities came from companies and leaders dealing with conflict between generations. Less than a year into this work, I began receiving requests to address, “Why seasoned women won’t help younger women.” This led me to reading a dozen or so books on Read More >