Interview with Bestselling Author, Turn The Ship Around, David Marquet

After we launched our podcast “Culture” (ep8), we got a slew of positive emails requesting more on, “How do I fix my culture?”  Recently, I had the opportunity to interview David Marquet (Best-selling author of the book “Turn The Ship Around”) who shared many excellent, and specific, steps to take. His brilliance is noted within this podcast.  Through this podcast, Read More >

How to Get the Work Environment You Want

“Anyone in a leadership role can create a microcosm that allows people to flourish.”— Misti Burmeister Everyone wants to find a great workplace, but creating one can be just as rewarding, if you’re up for the task. I met Jeff at a networking event in Baltimore, Maryland. A seasoned and quite successful lawyer, he immediately responded to my “elevator pitch” with, Read More >

Don’t Hire Confident People

“When we believe in our employees and create a culture that fosters their success, we attract employees who are confident and capable.” – Misti Burmeister “If he had self-confidence, he wouldn’t be working for me,” JW said, referring to an employee whose results haven’t been up to par. Curious, I asked, “What would happen if your employee did have strong Read More >

The Most Important Interview Question Ever

“Keeping your eyes open for opportunity, even when you’re in a job you love, will put you in a better starting position when it’s truly time to move on.” — Misti Burmeister Most of us spend more time with our co-workers than with our families, yet few ask the most important question before accepting a job, hiring a new employee, Read More >