How Stagnation Leads to Poaching…With Customers and Employees

Greatness chases greatness. Companies and leaders in continuous pursuit of evolution (personal/company brand), worry more about keeping up with demand then poaching. On the flipside, those who hoard resources and acknowledgment wind up losing their most precious assets to the competition. Sitting in one of the nicest business clubs in Washington, DC, just before the start of an event, Lena, Read More >

How to Make Sure You Keep Advancing—Your Products, Your People, Your Career

Advancing, or getting different results than you’re currently getting, requires doing something different, which isn’t always comfortable. How many people do you know who keep doing the same things and hoping for different results? We’ve all done it. Why? Because it’s easier, and more comfortable, to do what you know. But we learn—and grow more effective—during periods of discomfort, which Read More >

Want to Be Truly Valued and Remembered?: An Interview With Jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson is a powerful person, with a mission to help speakers elevate their game and transform the lives of those their audiences. She’s so good that I hired her myself! She’s down-to-earth, practical, and vulnerable at the same time. She brought that same level of excellence to this interview. Jane has been helping speakers catapult their careers for over Read More >

Why You Should Date Your Employees

The real secret to being a great leader is dating your employees. The best leaders on the planet sell us on their ideas. We flock to great brands, and the awesome leaders behind them, because we believe them when they tell us how their products will make our life (and the world) better. Of course, they could never seduce us Read More >

5 Simple Steps to Bringing Out the Best in Others: An Interview With Stacy Allegro

Can you imagine being fired for initiative? Better yet, can you imagine firing an employee who consistently went above and beyond to serve your customer and reach your team goals? Of course not! Yet, this happens every day. And, it happened to Stacy. Not once, but 16 times in one summer. Remarkably, she now serves as an advisor to many Read More >

Does Paying Your Dues Ever Pay Off?

“My customers (and leadership team) are not concerned with me – they’re concerned with the results I produce for them.”  — Misti Burmeister Mike Brannon, Vice President, Old Line Customer Meat Company, (parent company to Roseda Farm in Baltimore, Maryland) took hours out of his busy schedule to help me understand the farming business. Last week, Mike and I drove to Annapolis where we Read More >

Why Customer Service Training Is a Joke

“Rather than waste money trying to fool your customers, why not take exceptional care of the people who interact with your customers?” — Misti Burmeister Most leaders know that customer service is key to retaining a solid customer base. In fact, companies spend billions of dollars every year on customer service training and advertisements meant to show how customers are their first concern. Problem Read More >

Pancakes and Praise: The Key to Problem Solving

“If you know about a challenge and don’t share it, no one can help you discover solutions.”— Misti Burmeister After braving the Black Friday crowds, my three shopping partners and I stopped for breakfast at IHOP. Just before the hostess seated us, I noticed they were only seating people on the left side of the restaurant. Weird, I thought. It’s Black Friday. Read More >

Give Your Clients a Reason to Thank YOU

“When leaders show gratitude and generosity to their teams, the excitement trickles down to customers, and everybody wins.”— Misti Burmeister Each Thanksgiving, we kick off the holiday season considering what we have to be thankful for. For leaders, this is a great time to let customers and employees know how grateful you are for their awesomeness! It’s also a great time to consider Read More >

Do Rules Hinder or Help?

“Rules are meant to be broken, especially when they limit our humanity.”  — Misti Burmeister Rules often save lives. Roads have speed limits to minimize danger in the case of car accidents. Most states have outlawed texting while driving for the same reason. And hospitals no longer allow anyone to smoke on the premises (even outside), given the health concerns of their Read More >