You Can Be A Leader Too!

What’s your idea of a leader? Many people I have encountered from different walks of life and career paths do not see themselves as or consider themselves leaders. Why is this so? I think most people have an ill-conceived notion of who a leader is. They see power suits, business lunches, and having employees. This is not always the case. Read More >

Become a best place to work: Lessons from a 13-year-old Jewish girl

Another great question from you, my listeners – Thank you! Your Question: How do I make my company a best place to work? Thousands of leaders have visited Zappos to learn about what it takes to build a strong company culture. Ultimately, they want to become a magnet to highly dedicated, talented employees, who care about their contribution to the Read More >

3 Critical Questions To Ask Before Promoting Anyone Into Leadership

Some people hustle so well, and produce such exceptional results that a promotion to leadership is clearly in order. You bring them into your office, celebrate their success, eat some delicious cake, and award them with a team to lead.   Nearly a year later, you’re scratching your head, confused by their poor attitude, and irritated at their results, or Read More >