What Bare Trees Can Teach Us About Vulnerability

Until recently, bare trees in the midst of winter had always conjured up feelings of vulnerability. Without leaves to serve as a protective barrier, it’s entirely too easy to see and be seen. Such seeing is both welcome and appreciated during joyous times. Painful times, on the other hand, are rarely welcome with such openness, leaving you grasping for strategies Read More >

How To Use Pain To Get Better Results

You want the freedom to live fully, do work that matters to you and advance in your career. However, freeing up time and energy to do it can seem nearly impossible, especially when you find yourself consumed by critical details. “It would be great if I had some A players on my team that I could trust,” you think to Read More >

How To Deal With Fear Once You’ve Taken The Risk

The challenge with building wings after you jump is that you cannot be the one to build them. Overwhelmed with the reality of the free-fall, you must keep your attention focused on the necessities of each millisecond. Unable to grasp for safety, you must remain present to the thoughts that surface in the face of such uncertainty. Wavering from the Read More >

The Purpose of Pain—Using Rage To Heal… TEDxTalk

In June of 2016 I received a call from Helen, the woman responsible for TEDxUMD 2017. A mutual friend recommended me as a speaker, and Helen wanted to know if I would be interested in delivering a TEDxTalk on February 18, 2017. “Absolutely,” I responded, “Delivering a TEDxTalk is on my bucket list.” “Great! What’s your topic?” Helen asked. Considering Read More >

Finding Courage in The Midst of Our Political Climate: An Interview with Margie Warrell, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Media Commentator

Margie Warrell  has inspired millions of people around the globe to use their courage as a weapon to combat fear. As an avid follower of Margie’s work, I was excited to have a chance to learn about her journey, along with her perspective on the current state of the world during these political times. Throughout the interview, we talk about Read More >

How to Make Sure You Keep Advancing—Your Products, Your People, Your Career

Advancing, or getting different results than you’re currently getting, requires doing something different, which isn’t always comfortable. How many people do you know who keep doing the same things and hoping for different results? We’ve all done it. Why? Because it’s easier, and more comfortable, to do what you know. But we learn—and grow more effective—during periods of discomfort, which Read More >

Why Success Can Cripple You

I’m in awe of Meghan Linsey, a woman’s whose talent is undeniable, and whose performance has landed her the opportunity to perform live on The Voice. It’s one thing to do a blind audition when you are brand new, but can you imagine what your nerves might be like if you had already opened for Blake Shelton years before? With Read More >

The Real Reason Women Aren’t Advancing in Leadership

  When I first started speaking and coaching (10 years ago this month!), the main thrust of my opportunities came from companies and leaders dealing with conflict between generations. Less than a year into this work, I began receiving requests to address, “Why seasoned women won’t help younger women.” This led me to reading a dozen or so books on Read More >

Should You Fear the Future?

“While fear is certainly a powerful motivator, it’s critical to have an empowering outlet for such energy.” — Misti Burmeister Are your employees excited about the future, or are they scared of the uncertainty? Do they collaborate well, or are they too busy competing for their jobs to make headway together? In companies or industries where the future is particularly uncertain, leaders with Read More >