Being a Beginner: 5 (Often Forgotten) Benefits

Running (Into) A Beginner’s Mindset A year ago, a friend asked me to fill in last minute.  She had put together a relay team for the Baltimore marathon. One of her teammates had another obligation, and my friend wasn’t about to run two legs of the marathon herself.  (That would have meant she would have run a half marathon). “Six Read More >

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: 10 Ideas (Through the Lens of An Enema)

Way Outside of My Comfort Zone  “You want me to give myself an enema?” I asked my friend, Kristin, who had successfully dealt with the same discomfort I was experiencing. “Yes, it will help relieve the pain and discomfort you’re feeling. It’s also really good for your colon,” she said. She wasn’t talking about the kind you get from the Read More >

Invest In Mindset: Advance Your Career

The mindset you need to advance your career At the end of July, my niece Ellei arrived here in Baltimore, Maryland to begin her two-week internship (with the director of neurology at Johns Hopkins University). Considering the immensely challenging life experiences she’s been through in her short seventeen years of life, it’s a flat out miracle she- Graduated high school Read More >

How To Get The Job You Really Want

Do you know an awesome company, or a specific job you’d like to land, but you’re unsure how to get in the door? Maybe you know someone who works at the company, and they’ve even sent your resume to the hiring manager. But you still haven’t gotten an interview. What gives? And, more importantly, is there something more you can Read More >

Overcoming Difficulty: 5 Steps I Learned From My Cat (Of All Places)

Ever find yourself running in circles in your mind about some difficult thing that happened (or may happen)? There’s a script that can get going, replaying past situations, or future potentialities, over and over.  It seems like our brains are wired this way, trying to figure out what we (or they) should have done differently (or might need to do Read More >

7 Simple Steps To Landing The Opportunity You Really Want

You’ve had your eye on an awesome company. It’s known as a best place to work for its creative environment, industry leadership, advancement opportunity, pay or something else that is a priority for you. You begin to dream. There are a few jobs you know you can do, and one position in particular you’d love to land at this great Read More >

A Simple Strategy To Strengthen Your Confidence

In an effort to avoid looking self-centered, unfocused or unproductive, it’s easy to fall into the trap of exhausting yourself by doing what you think you should do. Said simply, —Sharing time with people you love, —Learning, —Taking a vacation, —Spending time in nature, —Getting the rest your body needs, —Exercising, —Snuggling your babies (including furry ones), —Budgeting and saving Read More >

Why Is Leadership Presence Important?

You walk into a room and people gravitate toward you, look to you for clarity and direction, as you swing, with ease, from one promotion to the next. Considering the level of dedication you inspire, progress mounts and so does your reputation. What company doesn’t want that type of leader? Who doesn’t want that type of reputation? Most rising leaders Read More >

The Best Way To Get The Job You Want

With nearly seven million articles addressing the topic of advancing your career, it’s no surprise the topic is confusing. While there is no magic bullet, simple strategies can be taken to land the opportunities you want. As I enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Stacey, a talented leader in the tech industry, I marveled at a story she shared about a Read More >

A Pitfall Of Drumming Up Opportunity

Clarifying your target market (or desired opportunity) can be immensely helpful in growing your business. The process can aid greatly in focusing your time and energy on building mutually beneficial relationships with the right people. The problem comes in when the main focus is your benefit, not theirs. In this way, targeting specific people in hopes of landing opportunity is Read More >