The Key To Staying Focused When Your Motivation Is Low

Ever find yourself wanting to stay motivated, but struggling with the sheer amount of work that needs to be done as you reach for your third cup of triple espresso? Your heart and body are ready to run fifteen marathons, but your brain is… still tired. What gives, and how do you keep your energy and momentum vibrant with a Read More >

Make ‘Em Laugh: The Key to Helping Your Team Deal with Stress

“A little bit of humor can go a long way – especially when tension is high.”— Misti Burmeister Ever had to deal with stressed-out employees who clearly need more sleep, food, or maybe just some chocolate? Have you found an effective way to shift their spazzed-out energy? Some people are incredibly effective at releasing the pressure valve of worry, using invaluable Read More >

Do You Know What a Diaper Genie Is?

“Finding humor in mistakes is a valuable way to strengthen meaningful relationships.” — Misti Burmeister Mistakes, misunderstandings, and snafus are part of life – at work and at home. The goal is to move forward … and maybe get a laugh or two at your own expense. Shortly after moving into my new house, I noticed that the previous owners left some kind Read More >