3 Ways to Get People of Diverse Backgrounds to Help Each Other

Ever find yourself frustrated and annoyed with the lack of diversity within the higher ranks of your organization? You’ve done the research and know that diversity enhances creativity and innovation, yet you haven’t been able to move the ball forward with respect to retention of women and minorities. What gives? “75% of our senior staff are white men, and while Read More >

Here’s the One Big Difference Between Begging and Magnetizing

Ever been in a touristy area where you were bombarded with restaurant staff doing their best dance to get your into their establishment? Often, they start with their own version of “hello,” and then quickly make their way to, “Come eat?” The first couple of times, saying, “No, thank you,” is no big deal. But after a while it gets Read More >

What’s The Yelp In Your Life?

Have you ever found yourself reading the comments section for a restaurant you found on Yelp (or another similar application) and thought to yourself, “How is this place even in business?” Or, “Wow, I’ve got to try this place!” While restaurant owners reap many benefits from Yelp, few cash in on one of the most valuable elements of these online Read More >

Get Your Team to Work Together, and Improve Performance: Misti Burmeister Interviewed on Aha Radio

Leaders want to be effective, and employees want to succeed, so why what gets in the way? Why do challenges like generational differences (and other differences) impede performance, wreck havoc on innovation, and cause unnecessary revenue loss? Better yet, what are the most effective leaders and companies doing to increase passion, performance, innovation, and collaboration? Throughout this interview, I share Read More >

The Culture of Peeing

“Embarrassing situations are especially common when trying something new, a requirement inside any company interested in innovating.”— Misti Burmeister Whenever we try something new, we risk embarrassing ourselves. But accomplishing great things requires taking risks, and cultures that embrace failure are the ones where innovation and growth happens. Look how many Google products have come and gone. I learned this lesson Read More >

How to Know When Rules will Wreck Creativity

“When your team is having fun, they’ll have greater access to the resources inside their heads to creatively solve problems.” — Misti Burmeister Fifteen years ago, I strolled into the pool area at my university, prepared to walk out with my lifeguard certification. Thinking I was tough and could muscle my way through it, I never bothered to practice. Ten minutes into Read More >

Failure and Bankruptcy Are Important Says Gates

With two-thirds of the companies in Silicon Valley doomed for failure, what’s the point? Why waste time focusing on developing a product that is probably going to fail? Why not just pick one that is destined for success, or simply get a job at well-established company? Being on the edge of innovation most assuredly requires a willingness to invest, and Read More >

Will Growth Kill Your Company’s Innovation?

“If you care about your people, they’ll care about you – and the vision you’ve set forth.” — Misti Burmeister During lunch with Seth, a new friend and talented salesman, I was captivated by the story of how he went from breaking company records to looking for a new opportunity. So, I asked Seth to write about the experience. Here’s Read More >