The Key To Staying Focused When Your Motivation Is Low

Ever find yourself wanting to stay motivated, but struggling with the sheer amount of work that needs to be done as you reach for your third cup of triple espresso? Your heart and body are ready to run fifteen marathons, but your brain is… still tired. What gives, and how do you keep your energy and momentum vibrant with a Read More >

What’s being provoked in us at this time? Sister Jenna of America Meditating Radio Interviews Misti Burmeister

Being interviewed by such a powerfully present spiritual leader was one of the most special experiences of my career—Thank you, Sister Jenna. During this short interview, we talked about how this year’s presidential election has the potential to instigate in U.S. citizens. We discussed how we can use these time to move us closer to our individual and collective greatness. Read More >

The Power of Your Imagination

“Our ability to see greatness in others will falter if we fail to introduce positive and inspiring messages every day.” — Misti Burmeister Our imaginations have no difficulty locating and dwelling on all the qualities that make each of our team members less than exceptional. Yet, we’ve heard the story a million times: Leaders who say, “Give me that territory Read More >