The Truth About Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

We shy away from sharing or expanding into what we have to offer in the most obscure ways. We think that getting out of our comfort zone means doing something big, which is exactly what keeps us trapped and doing what we’ve always done. Finishing up lunch with a client at a nice restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, I kept thinking Read More >

Is it good to provoke people?

“Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe.” Winston Churchill What comes to mind when you hear the word provoke? Most people have negative associations with the word. I like this Merriam-Webster definition of provoke: to provide the Read More >

VOICE Lessons From a Mermaid

 “The stronger your VOICE – whether intentional or intuitive – the greater your chances for provoking greatness.”— Misti Burmeister I could regale you with another story of a savvy business leader who adopted the VOICE model and transformed her team and her business. But instead, I’m going to tell you how Annie the Mermaid gave me a sixty-minute VOICE lesson I’ll Read More >

Are Your Employees Watching on in Silent Disbelief?

“Employees become disinterested in the company, because the company is disinterested in them.” — Misti Burmeister It’s no surprise that hard working, loyal, creative team players work best for companies whose leadership has a strong and compelling VOICE. On the flip side are the companies whose VOICEs are meek and muted, and whose employees come and go unnoticed. At this company, success Read More >

The Thing About Feedback

“If your intention in giving someone feedback is to judge or criticize, you’ll fail to inspire a shift in their behavior.” — Misti Burmeister For many leaders, feedback is simply not an easy thing to give. Some worry about inflating egos, while others fear destroying self-esteem. There are many great articles and books about giving feedback (heck, I’ve even written Read More >

Go Ahead, Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

“It’s not our choice of words or topics, but the intention behind our words, that makes the difference.” — Misti Burmeister At a holiday party put on by the management of my apartment building, I met a very nice lady named Mayra, who was in a wheelchair. When she told me that she’s become a major user of drive-throughs, I responded, Read More >