The Key To Staying Focused When Your Motivation Is Low

Ever find yourself wanting to stay motivated, but struggling with the sheer amount of work that needs to be done as you reach for your third cup of triple espresso? Your heart and body are ready to run fifteen marathons, but your brain is… still tired. What gives, and how do you keep your energy and momentum vibrant with a Read More >

Here’s What To Do With Colleagues Who Aren’t Pulling Their Weight

Whether they’re mooching off your hard work, taking credit for a job well done, or complaining about their inability to keep up, difficult colleagues can increase your workload and get in the way of finishing on time. With a strong commitment to leaving the project in a better place than she found it, Katherine, a new lawyer, tag-teamed with one Read More >

16 Confidence-Building Habits You Need to Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

“At ease with herself, the Master puts everyone else at ease.” –Stephen Mitchell, Tao Te Ching Perfectionism and fear of failure have pushed me to sabotage remarkable opportunities in my career. The problem was that I didn’t catch my fear until after I successfully lost the opportunity. It was infuriating and paralyzing—I had to do something to shift the direction Read More >

Yes, You Can Relax and Challenge Yourself En Route to Success

Ever find yourself in the middle of a project, a workout, or maybe even a master’s degree, concentrating on getting through the experience so you can finally get to the finish line, thinking you can relax and enjoy after you’re done? You put your head down, minimize distractions (sometimes to the detriment of other areas of your life), and force Read More >

The Real Reason You Cannot Say No

Busy, overwhelmed “Yeser’s” listen up. Yes, there’s a reason we keep getting asked to take on more—we say “Yes,” and we are the one’s who will make sure the job gets done, even if our other projects suffer and we wind up sick from exhaustion. Why do we keep getting picked to do the project? Because we are driven doers. Read More >

How To Get Better Results From Your Employees

Recently, I took my car in to get new brakes and rotors. After learning it would take two hours, I grabbed my computer and walked to a local coffee shop to work. Six hours later, as they were putting the last tire back on my car, a lug nut broke, and they had to call the parts shop down the Read More >

Stop Throwing Monkey Wrenches at Yourself

Moments after I hung up the phone, my mind started racing, my stomach tightened, and I had to go for a walk. “You just threw that opportunity away, Misti! And—it was perfect,” the voice inside my head screamed. One week earlier, I had received a phone call from Bill, a guy in charge of booking speakers at an event for Read More >

How to keep your power

Why does one person see “passionate” while another sees “offensive,” or “disagreeable?” Why does one leader see problems while the other sees potential? Because everybody sees through the lens of their own unique experiences, challenges, and successes. Understanding this puts you in a position of power. When you agree that what you’re seeing is based on your perspective, you have Read More >

Clearly, That’s Your Responsibility

“Rather than waste time irritated with “supposed to” or “should,” why not spot your own buoy and keep yourself on track?”— Misti Burmeister How many times have you waited for someone you thought was responsible for your success, only to find out they were busy with their own? Or not equipped to help you? I’ve done it, and I can tell Read More >

Why We Manipulate

“Too many people waste precious energy trying to manipulate others, rather than simply asking the right questions”.— Misti Burmeister She sat across the table from me, sharing about the improvements on her team since we last worked together. Darcie, a senior leader in the technology industry, had gotten complete buy-in across her whole organization for her new vision, and now the Read More >