Why Limiting Praise Diminishes Trust

Last week, we addressed the reason you don’t get compliments and what to do about it. This week, let’s take a deep dive on why leaders (often unknowingly) avoid praising their team, and consequently miss out on the opportunity to strengthen trust, engagement and productivity. Said simply, leaders avoid praising their team because of a faulty belief—praising others signals weakness Read More >

How To Keep Employees From Asking For a Raise

Want to keep your team motivated and focused on their work, without having to worry where to pull funds in order to pay them more? Shortly after a speech I delivered on “Provoking Greatness,” here in Baltimore, Maryland, I had a chance to grab coffee with a hustler. Hustlers are priceless in business. They are the ones who always show Read More >

Pancakes and Praise: The Key to Problem Solving

“If you know about a challenge and don’t share it, no one can help you discover solutions.”— Misti Burmeister After braving the Black Friday crowds, my three shopping partners and I stopped for breakfast at IHOP. Just before the hostess seated us, I noticed they were only seating people on the left side of the restaurant. Weird, I thought. It’s Black Friday. Read More >

The Thing About Praise

“Would you consider giving the very thing most of us want more of – a few kind words and recognition for our successes?” – Misti Burmeister A little praise can go a long way towards motivating employees. In fact, according to a recent Forbes article, companies that effectively appreciate employees and make them feel valued, receive “a return on equity & assets more Read More >