Why People Lose Their Spark At Work

Look around you. How many enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate, grounded people (please count) surround you every day at work? Not many? You’re not alone. According to Gallup, just thirty percent of the global workforce is actively seeking ways to contribute, collaborate and grow. Why is that? Why don’t more people show up with energy and enthusiasm for their work? While there Read More >

The Key To Staying Focused When Your Motivation Is Low

Ever find yourself wanting to stay motivated, but struggling with the sheer amount of work that needs to be done as you reach for your third cup of triple espresso? Your heart and body are ready to run fifteen marathons, but your brain is… still tired. What gives, and how do you keep your energy and momentum vibrant with a Read More >

How To Be A Better Leader Than Your Boss

Ever experience such remarkably terrible leadership that you decided, “When I get the opportunity to lead, I will do things differently. I’ll never treat my team that way.” Feeling suffocated and unsupported, you begin looking for your chance to show them how it’s done. Then you get your opportunity, interview carefully for your open position, select the best candidate, and Read More >

Why Establishing Core Values is a Waste of Time and Money

Company culture experts urge leaders to establish clearly defined values to serve as a guide for decisions and behaviors throughout an organization. To ensure they have the best representation of the values shared among those in leadership, companies often spend gobs of cash and time on experts who ultimately produce a document aligning the most common ideals. Mounted on the Read More >

If I’m Not a Successful Business Person, Then Who am I?

Just nine years away from what he referred to as the socially acceptable date for retirement, Sam shared about the fear of filling his time—“I need to keep my brain active, and I’m not sure what I’ll do without people needing my help, or the excitement of winning the deal. My work brings purpose and structure to my days.” When Read More >

10 Quick Tips to MOTIVATE YOUR TEAM and PROVOKE THEIR GREATNESS – Tips 8, 9, and 10

Over the past two weeks, we covered tips 1-7.  You can gain access to 1, 2, and 3, here. You can gain access to 4-7 here. Provoke Their Greatness Tip #8  Our DNA is already wired for success. While their performance and perceived attitude might not always be up to par, remember they are wired for success. Sometimes fears (humanity) Read More >


Last week, I covered tips 1, 2, and 3—You can gain access to them here. Provoke Their Greatness Tip #4 Get your hands dirty. Recently, I took my car in to get the brakes and rotors replaced. While I had an appointment, it was clear that they were behind schedule. After learning it would take two hours to finish the Read More >

Is Asking For Help A Sign Of Weakness?

In a society that treasures independence, we struggle with the notion that we should ever need help. “If I ask you, then I owe you,” ripples through our minds as we sit inside the safety of our home, wishing for freedom and complaining about our circumstances. Besides, even if we did ask, we risk the possibility that you might say Read More >

Great Leaders Ask For Help

Nobody reaches greatness by himself or herself, and nothing great is ever achieved in isolation. If we want to go for greatness, we must ask for the support we need. The best leaders on the planet understand that they need their team to reach their goals, and so they ask for help and provide the opportunity for others to step Read More >

Knock Some Sense Into This CEO

“If you want your employees to treat your customers a certain way, ask yourself: How am I treating my employees?” — Misti Burmeister While walking up a steep hill next to my old apartment building, I ran into a solid, orange beam – literally. I was moving at full speed, messing with my phone (naturally!), and hit the beam with such force Read More >