The Key to Engaging Stagnant Teams

A year ago, I went from having a mean doggy paddle to learning how to swim in fifteen weeks. Hip pain drove me to sign up for Swim Across America (SAA), and the excitement of my progress lead me to do the 3-mile open-water swim last September. Once the challenge was complete, I was happy to be done with the Read More >

5 Concrete Steps to Reaching Your Potential

Walking through the double doors to the outdoor pool at Meadowbrook in Baltimore, I remember thinking, “Wow, that’s incredible,” as I watched a woman effortlessly swim laps in a 50-meter lane. At the time, I barely knew how to put on a swim cap, and desperately wanted to be able to swim 25 meters without having to stop constantly to Read More >

Great Leaders Ask For Help

Nobody reaches greatness by himself or herself, and nothing great is ever achieved in isolation. If we want to go for greatness, we must ask for the support we need. The best leaders on the planet understand that they need their team to reach their goals, and so they ask for help and provide the opportunity for others to step Read More >

The Key to Reaching Every Goal You Ever Set

Last week, I met this beautiful little girl—Hana—in the pool. She was practicing the breaststroke with her mom, one lane over. On my rest between sets, Hana told me she had just learned to swim eight weeks prior. “Show me what you’re working with,” I said. Enthusiastically, she pushed off the wall—right past her mom, who was finishing up her Read More >

6 Critical Steps to Securing Sponsorship, Followership, or Even Mentorship

Around this time last year, I decided to learn how to swim, and raise $500 for the Swim Across America Laboratory here in Baltimore. With a mean doggy paddle, fear of asking for money, and just fifteen weeks to make it happen, I was overwhelmed and quickly tired of inhaling chlorinated water. Rather than go into the full details of Read More >

Why Guzzling Gallons of Chlorinated Water is Good For You

About this time last year I first started learning how to swim. While I had a mean doggy paddle, I had no idea how to put one hand in front of the other. Well, I mean, I could, I just wouldn’t make much progress. With the support of the Swim Across America coaches, I managed to complete my goal (which Read More >

Clearly, That’s Your Responsibility

“Rather than waste time irritated with “supposed to” or “should,” why not spot your own buoy and keep yourself on track?”— Misti Burmeister How many times have you waited for someone you thought was responsible for your success, only to find out they were busy with their own? Or not equipped to help you? I’ve done it, and I can tell Read More >

Was It A Shark?

Miss part 1 or 2 of this story? Click here to read it “It’s okay, I’m okay. Big fish – big water,” I said out loud to myself. As I started to calm, I got the courage to see if it was still there, and it was! Chanting ensued, until Yvette took her paddle, poked it downward, and discovered it was Read More >

I Was Amazed At What Happened Next

  Miss part 1 of this?  Click here to read it While I was prepared for my mom to throw a few bucks in the hat, I wasn’t ready for the result: $500 in 48 hours. Relief! The next day, in the pool with my new friend, Caroline, who I got to know after swimming into her lane several times Read More >

They Laughed When I Tried To Swim

Has anyone ever laughed at you when you’ve tried something new? When I got her text message at 930am, I laughed, as I remembered feeling as though I might drown just fifteen years before. Wanting to be the cool kid at nineteen, I went to get my lifeguard certification. As with most sports, I thought I could simply muscle my Read More >