The Key to Engaging Stagnant Teams

A year ago, I went from having a mean doggy paddle to learning how to swim in fifteen weeks. Hip pain drove me to sign up for Swim Across America (SAA), and the excitement of my progress lead me to do the 3-mile open-water swim last September. Once the challenge was complete, I was happy to be done with the Read More >

Love Your Work, Or Lose Opportunity

  When I heard about Shay, I got excited and quickly booked an appointment. As an athlete, who prefers torture to relaxation, finding a massage therapist who enjoys giving the kind of pressure I prefer has proven challenging. Having practiced massage myself, I have a special appreciation for therapists who understand the body and aren’t afraid of digging in. My Read More >

Do you Have Olympians on Your Team?

“Instead of exploring the unique talents each employee has to offer, most look for – and find – shortcomings.” — Misti Burmeister Have you ever looked at someone and immediately recognized talent? There was something about the way they dressed, their sense of initiative, or the questions they asked that led you to think, “This is the kind of person I Read More >

Do You Want To Be Provoked?

“Everyone wants to be provoked….They want to be told: you’re great.”— Misti Burmeister Over the past decade, I have interviewed or worked with some of the world’s greatest leaders. Here’s the number one belief they share: greatness exists inside of everyone. The question is: are they ready to see their own greatness? Are they ready to own it, and make great Read More >

3 Reasons You’re Not Attracting Top-Notch Talent

“The key to attracting employees who are passionate, dedicated and insanely curious about what it takes to succeed is being as committed to their success as you want them to be to yours.”— Misti Burmeister When I first connected with Karen over email, I assumed she was a seasoned professional. Her communication was direct, focused and intentional. A few weeks later, Read More >

All Leadership Coaches Are Terrible!

“Most companies are in a constant battle to attract the best of the best, because leaders are unwilling to see the talent they already have – and to make it their business to provoke it.”– Misti Burmeister At a Foundation dinner for the National Speakers Association, I met Dave – a fellow speaker and reporter. When I asked what he does for Read More >

What If You’re Too Short?

“Belief goes a long way in provoking greatness, and as leaders, that’s our most important job.” – Misti Burmeister A couple of years after they built a horse barn, my parents and my brother decided that owning horses was too much work, so they converted the barn into a basketball court … sort of. Never would it have occurred to me that Read More >

Playing Scarce

“Those with a scarcity mindset waste time complaining about how hard it is to find talented people.” — Misti Burmeister If we are to lead others to greatness, blow our numbers out of the water, and experience limitless success, we must give up scarcity as our modus operandi. Playing scarce means focusing on the competitive aspects of business – the Read More >