Why Establishing Core Values is a Waste of Time and Money

Company culture experts urge leaders to establish clearly defined values to serve as a guide for decisions and behaviors throughout an organization. To ensure they have the best representation of the values shared among those in leadership, companies often spend gobs of cash and time on experts who ultimately produce a document aligning the most common ideals. Mounted on the Read More >

Here’s What Happens When You Believe In Your Team

Two of the greatest lies destroying our workforce today are: we can’t earn a living using our God-given talents & my employees don’t care. In reality, we all want to use our natural talents to help our team, company, community, country, and our world—we just don’t always believe we can, and so we unconsciously sabotage ourselves in the process. Great Read More >

Get Your Team to Work Together, and Improve Performance: Misti Burmeister Interviewed on Aha Radio

Leaders want to be effective, and employees want to succeed, so why what gets in the way? Why do challenges like generational differences (and other differences) impede performance, wreck havoc on innovation, and cause unnecessary revenue loss? Better yet, what are the most effective leaders and companies doing to increase passion, performance, innovation, and collaboration? Throughout this interview, I share Read More >

What To Do When Your Team Is Letting You Down

When polled, 99.999% of people will tell you that they want to succeed. They are doing everything they know how to do in order to achieve excellence, gain approval, make friends, and get picked for advancement and opportunity. So, what gives? Why do certain members of your team continue to let you down? It’s clear— they are loaded with potential, Read More >

How to Get Your Team to Play Nice

“Once team members realize they all want the same thing, they’ll be much more motivated to work together.” — Misti Burmeister Do your team members bicker and argue over resources or the best way to approach certain problems? Do they compete when they should be collaborating? Or stew quietly when they don’t get their way? Anytime a group of people work closely together, there Read More >

Dying For Acknowledgment, Literally

Whether you’re in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street – in flip-flops or fancy attire – exhaustion diminishes dreams. In fact, it has even led to suicide for far too many. So, is banning junior bankers from the office at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse the answer to the problem? With our inability to let go of our phones Read More >

The Ties That Bind: The No. 1 Way to Connect With Your Team and Customers

“Shared experiences, particularly those that are especially meaningful to us, create trust, teamwork and community.”— Misti Burmeister I’ve always wanted to serve food at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, but on the rare occasions I haven’t been traveling during the holidays, my local soup kitchen already had more volunteers than they needed. Knowing I would be out of town again this Read More >