What Bare Trees Can Teach Us About Vulnerability

Until recently, bare trees in the midst of winter had always conjured up feelings of vulnerability. Without leaves to serve as a protective barrier, it’s entirely too easy to see and be seen. Such seeing is both welcome and appreciated during joyous times. Painful times, on the other hand, are rarely welcome with such openness, leaving you grasping for strategies Read More >

3 Critical Steps Leaders Need To Achieve More with Less Staff

Struggling with a small staff? Need to find a way to get the ones you have fully engaged? Here are three key steps to take: Clarify Outcomes Beyond shareholder value, bonuses and becoming “the best,” consider gaining clarity and communicating consistently these three elements: How does your product/service contribute to your customers’ needs? And, how does your company/team deliver the Read More >

Why Most People Never Decide To Go For Greatness

Saying you’ll start that certification someday isn’t the same as deciding to get the certification. Without a decision, talk cheapens you. It provides entirely too much room for letting yourself off the hook. It’s easy to say you’re going to read a book a month, write for an hour every day, take on a new project, or finish your degree. Read More >

Dying For Acknowledgment, Literally

Whether you’re in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street – in flip-flops or fancy attire – exhaustion diminishes dreams. In fact, it has even led to suicide for far too many. So, is banning junior bankers from the office at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse the answer to the problem? With our inability to let go of our phones Read More >

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

  “Asking for help makes us vulnerable, and yet through that vulnerability, some of the most magical relationships have a chance to form.” — Misti Burmeister Asking for help is not easy. Most of us worry that doing so will make us look vulnerable, weak or even desperate. Sometimes – and to some people – it does. But having been Read More >