Margie Warrell has inspired millions of people around the globe to use their courage as a weapon to combat fear. As an avid follower of Margie’s work, I was excited to have a chance to learn about her journey, along with her perspective on the current state of the world during these political times.

Throughout the interview, we talk about how she went from being the oldest of seven, growing up on a dairy farm, to interviewing and working with respected leaders including Sir Richard Branson, Kathy Calvin, Bill Marriott, and Marianne Williamson. We also dive into the specifics of how Margie helps leaders set the stage for greatness to emerge, both through her seminars and coaching.

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Margie is the host of RawCourage.TV and a certified master coach. An acclaimed keynote speaker and guest lecturer at Columbia and Georgetown University, Margie’s also a sought after expert commentator with leading media such as the Wall Street Journal, Redbook, Psychology Today, Fox News, Today Show and Al Jazeera. Her Forbes Courage Works column has been read by millions.

A passionate advocate for gender equality, Margie founded Global Courage in 2010 to empower women to be braver leaders across all sectors of society. She’s since been appointed by the Australian government as the first Ambassador for Women in Global Business and is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree. She’s also an Ambassador for Beyond Blue committed to removing the stigma around mental illness that amplifies suffering for those affected by it (Margie’s family members among them.)

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Additional resources mentioned during the podcast: Byron Katie.

Margie, you are a blessing—Thank you for the work you do every day!

Here’s to your greatness,

Misti Burmeister