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Retaining Good People: 4 Key Steps

Trouble Retaining Good People On Your Teams Or In Your Company? Here are 4 key steps to fixing the issue (as well as other ways of retaining your top talent). Traditional advice from sources like the Wall Street Journal for how to retain employees and top talent...

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Which is more important? Theory or Practice

When you want to do anything in life, there's a good chance in today's day and age that someone has made a YouTube video or written a tutorial about how to do it. There is no shortage of available information for us to digest today. In fact, we have so much...

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Stop Apologizing. Here’s Why

https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/300055 - why you should stop apologizing, according to science  Ever been in an instructional session (e.g. spin, spanish, yoga, or a business meeting), and found yourself in front of someone who just kept apologizing? Their notes...

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The Real Value of Giving Feedback

Growth is in our DNA. We want to improve, get better results, and see the progress we have made. The challenge (and opportunity) is that we often lack helpful (and healthy) mirrors to offer us perspective on our own growth. While self-reflection is essential to...

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Single Most Important Leadership Skill

What Is the Most Important Leadership Skill? The single most important skill in leadership is also one of the hardest to practice. This is especially true when you’re weighed down with deadlines and have employees looking to you for guidance. It’s easier to keep your...

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How to Achieve Goals: A Simple Tip And Strategy

To achieve a worthwhile goal can be quite difficult. Challenging goals in life are, by their very nature, something which require extra effort. Whether your goal is to become a successful world class speaker, writer, or athlete (or any other goal really), here are 2...

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No Expectations, Just Acceptance (Yeah, right!)

If I can just get it right, then I can relax, or so we tell ourselves.    Of course, that is a lie. No matter how right you get it, there will always be something that could make it better. We recently planned a trip to New York, to see the magnificent colors of the...

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Avoid Self-Sabotage by Treating Perfectionism

Are you A Perfectionist?  Do you Have a Plan for Treating Your Perfectionism? Ever found yourself wanting an opportunity, but stalling on submitting your name? Why is that? The simple answer is negative self-talk. Negative self-talk leads to self-sabotage, and can...

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