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Avoid Self-Sabotage by Treating Perfectionism

Are you A Perfectionist?  Do you Have a Plan for Treating Your Perfectionism? Ever found yourself wanting an opportunity, but stalling on submitting your name? Why is that? The simple answer is negative self-talk. Negative self-talk leads to self-sabotage, and can...

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9 Actions To Stand Out In A Job Interview

Interviewing can often feel so… unnatural. Figuring out what they might ask, and the best possible response, can be unnerving. You want the job, and they need to find the right person to fit the position. The stakes are high on both sides, and the interview is the...

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Being a Beginner: 5 (Often Forgotten) Benefits

Running (Into) A Beginner’s Mindset A year ago, a friend asked me to fill in last minute.  She had put together a relay team for the Baltimore marathon. One of her teammates had another obligation, and my friend wasn’t about to run two legs of the marathon herself....

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Invest In Mindset: Advance Your Career

The mindset you need to advance your career At the end of July, my niece Ellei arrived here in Baltimore, Maryland to begin her two-week internship (with the director of neurology at Johns Hopkins University). Considering the immensely challenging life experiences...

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How To Get The Job You Really Want

Do you know an awesome company, or a specific job you’d like to land, but you’re unsure how to get in the door? Maybe you know someone who works at the company, and they’ve even sent your resume to the hiring manager. But you still haven’t gotten an interview. What...

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1 VERY Powerful Way I Overcame Adversity

How do you overcome adversity? Cultivating a mindset for success is a process that has more to do with letting simple successes energize you than taking giant steps into the unknown. In this motivational video, Misti Burmeister shares a powerful strategy for using...

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The Uses And Abuses Of The Law Of Reciprocity

Ever find yourself avoiding situations or people who do nice things for you? You want support, encouragement, valuable advice, or even a hug, but yet something inside of you knows that accepting it means you owe something. And so you avoid the people or experiences...

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A Simple Strategy To Strengthen Your Confidence

In an effort to avoid looking self-centered, unfocused or unproductive, it’s easy to fall into the trap of exhausting yourself by doing what you think you should do. Said simply, —Sharing time with people you love, —Learning, —Taking a vacation, —Spending time in...

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The Truth About Freedom

How free are you to appreciate life, even as you wrestle with some of life’s great challenges, climb in your career, contribute to your potential and enjoy the people and experiences that present themselves every day? Throughout the month of July, gratitude ripples...

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Why Is Leadership Presence Important?

You walk into a room and people gravitate toward you, look to you for clarity and direction, as you swing, with ease, from one promotion to the next. Considering the level of dedication you inspire, progress mounts and so does your reputation. What company doesn’t...

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