The Truth About Fathers Day

What is Fathers Day for? To acknowledge and appreciate the man who participated in the creation of your birth. It’s to acknowledge what he did and did not do to guide you, as best he could. It’s to remember the special moments of connection when you felt like you mattered most. Fathers Day is to honor the man who loved Read More >

You Can Be A Leader Too!

What’s your idea of a leader? Many people I have encountered from different walks of life and career paths do not see themselves as or consider themselves leaders. Why is this so? I think most people have an ill-conceived notion of who a leader is. They see power suits, business lunches, and having employees. This is not always the case. Read More >

The Journey from Uninspired to Great-full

Just three years ago, I was so uninspired that I found myself walking around literally asking people, “What makes me unique? What makes me valuable?” It was frustrating, and exhausting. I kept hoping someone’s answer would fill void I felt inside. Alas, they couldn’t give me that answer – I needed to find it for myself. Three grueling years of Read More >

How to Get Unstuck and Get Moving

Nearly every person I’ve met at one point or another in their life has needed to get unstuck. They have either been doing the same thing over and over again or just don’t know what the next step should be. The exact same thing happened to me and here, I share my story of how I got unstuck. In 2005, Read More >

3 Steps to Resolving Team Conflict

Your Question: How do I resolve team conflict? How do I get team members to move past their history and associated baggage to do what is best for the team or organization? My Answer: This question is often posed from a “generational conflict” perspective, yet the solution is very much the same. Conflict between team members from different generations arises Read More >

Do You Expect Too Little From Your Employees?

“When you tolerate mediocrity in yourself, you tolerate it in others.” — Misti Burmeister My neighbor, Jane, stopped by to get my advice on an employee issue. The problem is her new assistant Linda, who comes to work whenever she feels like it. “She’s excellent when she does shows up, but I never know when that’s going to be. She never calls or Read More >

When Blame Trumps Innovation

“Employees will always treat customers the way they are treated by management.”— Misti Burmeister On my flight to Cabos, Mexico, earlier this year, I changed planes in Houston, Texas. Unlike the first flight, which was at max capacity, this plane had several open seats closer to the front. Tempted as I was to switch, I nestled into my assigned seat – 30C. Just Read More >

Feedback – Podcast

Feedback is critical to personal advancement. In fact, according to a recent Forbes study of 51,000 leaders, those ranked in the bottom 10% in asking for feedback were rated in at the 15% in overall leadership effectiveness. Conversely, leaders ranked in the top 10% in asking for feedback were rated at the 86% in leadership effectiveness. Receiving feedback is not Read More >

How Dare You!: What to Do When People Push Your Buttons

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”~Stephen Covey No matter how evolved or self-actualized we are, no matter how wise or Zen we may be, everyone has certain triggers – issues or topics that we feel sensitive about and that can provoke reactions within us, even when we tell ourselves it’s not worth getting upset about. Before you write Read More >